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Paybooks is the best payroll software in India trusted by over 3000 companies. It automates payroll system & offer employee ...

Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll is cutting-edge HR and Payroll software available on both web-based and on premises version. It offers ...

intuit Payroll

intuit Payroll

Intuit payroll or QuickBooks Payroll is leading and innovative powerful platform to manage your payroll needs. This comprehensive ...

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is #1 Platform for Human Resource Management, Payroll, Time and Talent management tool.



HRMantra is the Leading Human Resource and Payroll Software. This human resource software reduces the complexity of hiring ...

Keka Payroll

Keka Payroll

Keka payroll is leading cloud-based payroll system in India. This employee centric payroll software gives a totally new experience to manage your ...

Vista HCM

Vista HCM

ADP Vista HCM is a powerful and comprehensive payroll software that helps you manage all your human resource and payroll need ...



Paycentral is complete Payroll Processing & Management Software with employee sakry & deduction, MIS and PF / ESI / IT ...

Wings Payroll

Wings Payroll

Wings Payroll is web-based payroll software India built to help increase  efficiencies and productivity and minimize costs of the ...

Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack

Saral PayPack is a comprehensive payroll software that helps you manage all your requirements from attendance punch to payslip ...


What is Payroll Software?

Payroll software is a standalone application or component of core HR Management system used to automate the employee salary, wage and bonus. An efficient payroll system monitor time and attendance, pay structure and tax information.  This tool is capable of improving efficiency and productivity in the organizations. It helps in computing PF, ESI and other statutory benefits.

Key modules of Payroll System

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Employee Self-Service
  3. Prepares Tax Forms
  4. Improves Compliance
  5. Loans and advance management
  6. Reports

Benefits of Payroll System

  1. Easy and fast payroll processing
  2. Relief from regulatory compliance
  3. Make correct payment
  4. Generate accurate payslip
  5. Time efficient
  6. Reduces human error
  7. Saves time
  8. Saves money
  9. Helps in Tax legislation

Top 10 Payroll Software

01. intuit Payroll

intuit Payroll is innovative platform to manage your payroll requirements. Our Online payroll software is trusted by customers worldwide for it accurate result. This Employee payroll software helps you save $600 annually by using our payroll system. This Cloud payroll software fits your business and gives guaranteed peace of mind.

Key features of  intuit Payroll

  1. Paycheck accuracy powered by QuickBooks
  2. Rest easy with automatic payroll tax calculations
  3. With the 100% Penalty-Free Guarantee, we’ll deal with the IRS for you – and pay any penalties, too.7
  4. File taxes your way – do them yourself, or we’ll do them for you
  5. Setup and run your first payroll in as little as an hour.8
  6. Integrated time tracking
  7. Fast and free Same Day Direct Deposit
  8. Run payroll from anywhere with the mobile app
  9. Manage your books and accounting, all in one place
  10. Access the integrated suite of QuickBooks products
  11. Explore optional employee health benefits, workers comp, and more
  12. Real-time data updates
  13. Stay accountant ready
  14. Faster direct deposits

02. ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now offers organizations of all size the software to assists their people thrive. Right from Human resource to payroll processing to talent management and analytics, we assists our clients succeed. Being the world’s largest and most trusted HR solutions providers, ADPoffers you complete platform to manage your workforce and payroll.

Key features of ADP Workforce Now

  1. Payroll processing in four easy steps
  2. Taxes calculated and paid on your behalf
  3. Federal, state, and local compliance support
  4. Fully automated employee data syncing
  5. Integration with HR, benefits, talent and more
  6. Scalable levels of service and outsourcing

03 PayBooks

Paybooks is cutting-edge solution to manage payroll. Our Payroll programs on a mission to make payroll simple and delightful for businesses. Our Easy payroll software has served more than 1700 businesses across India since 2012 in automating their payroll, staying compliant and delighting their employees.

Key features of  PayBooks

  1. Guided payroll run
  2. Auto sync with biometric devices
  3. Preview reports
  4. Auto generated salary slips
  5. Ready bank statements
  6. Employee exit management
  7. Provident fund
  8. Professional tax
  9. Employee state insurance
  10. Income tax & tds
  11. Digitally signed form 16
  12. Other compliance reports

04 Spine Payroll

Spine Payroll industry best payroll management software that is very simple, flexible and user-friendly.  Employee payroll software takes care of all your requirements relating to employee’s information & salary calculation along with compliance. This Cloud payroll software captures total information of the employees, tracks Leave balances, computes Payout & salary reconciliation and generates all Statutory & MIS reports.

Key features of Spine Payroll

  1. EIS
  2. Salary Calculation
  3. Monthly Reconciliation
  4. Payslip
  5. Arrears Calculation
  6. Bank Statement
  7. T.D.S
  8. Import Existing Data
  9. Letter Writing
  10. Charts
  11. Full and final settlement
  12. Report Writer
  13. Statutory Compliance
  14. Asset Management
  15. Web Based Module

05. Saral Paypacks

Saral Paypack is comprehensive payroll management software that meets your needs from Punch to Payslip. Payroll system for small business help you manage attendance, statutory compliance, benefits or TDS management. This Employee payroll software has a robust set of features and flexibility.

Key features of Saral Paypack

  1. Salary Management
  2. Time & Attendance Management
  3. Reporting and Analysis
  4. Employee Self Service
  5. Leave Management
  6. Statutory Compliance
  7. Exit Management
  8. Reimbursement Management

06. ADP HCM Vista

ADP HCM Vista is top HR & payroll system platform to helps you create flexible compensation packages that align with innovative HR policies. This Cloud payroll software can generate all the necessary compliance reports like PF, ESI, PT in just 3 simple steps. Our Easy payroll software will automate your leave management systems.

Key features of ADP HCM Vista

  1. Payroll on-cloud
  2. Leave management
  3. Time & attendance management
  4. Exit management
  5. Reports and analytics
  6. Self-Service Dashboard
  7. Claim Reimbursements

07. Keka Payroll

Keka Payroll is leading payroll management system and employee experience platform. The only Payroll system for small business that is employee centric. Our Employee payroll software is a modern new generation platform focused on user experience and simplifying complex workflows.

Key features of Keka Payroll

  1. Easy to Run Payroll
  2. All-in-one
  3. Fully Configurable
  4. Easy to Migrate
  5. 100% Compliant
  6. Awesome Support

08. Wings Payroll

Wings Payroll is top Payroll software in India. This easy to use and comprehensive Payroll system for small business is designed keeping in mind Indian businesses. This Employee payroll software gives you Flexible Pay Structures, Payslips, Leaves and Holidays, Loans & Advances, Revisions, Shifts, Flexible Attendance Input, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, Income Tax etc.

Key features of  Wings Payroll

  1. Employee Database
  2. Payroll Processes
  3. Advances & Loans
  4. Leaves & Holidays
  5. Revisions & Resignations
  6. Income Tax & TDS

09. HRMantra

HRMantra oversees staffing, induction, HRIS, leave, finance, attendance,  payroll for example all such HRMS exercises from candidate entry till employee exit. The magnificence of selecting our comprehensive software is that you don’t have to stress over different information entry, numerous master creation or information migration hassle. Actually HRMantra replaces somewhere around 4 applications and has an inbuilt report planner. it is very easy to use and is versatile to any sort of industry: items, procedure or administration.

Key features of HRMantra

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Payroll Management
  3. Recruitment Management
  4. Travel, Claim and Helpdesk Management
  5. Performance Management

10. Paycentral

Paycentral is a comprehensive application built to carry out the Payroll functions of an organization in an effective, simple and flexible way. This Payroll system for small business has been successfully installed in multiple Manufacturing Companies, Multi–location companies and many Textile Mills and this can be seamlessly integrated with the organization’s Intranet offering leave processing and salary information the employees.

Features of Paycentral

  1. Department Details
  2. Wage Periods
  3. General Shift Details
  4. Earn & Deduction Types
  5. Employee Types
  6. Identification codes
  7. Employee Details
  8. Employee ID Nos
  9. Government Data related to employees
  10. Loan Management
  11. Attendance and productivity recordings
  12. Auto Pay Generations
  13. Leave Management