Wings Payroll


Wings Payroll is web-based payroll software India built to help increase  efficiencies and productivity and minimize costs of the payroll function for todays’s business.


Introduction to Wings Payroll

Wings Payroll is top Payroll software in India. This easy to use and comprehensive Payroll system for small business is designed keeping in mind Indian businesses. This Employee payroll software gives you Flexible Pay Structures, Payslips, Leaves and Holidays, Loans & Advances, Revisions, Shifts, Flexible Attendance Input, PF, ESI, PT, TDS, Income Tax etc.

Key features of our payroll software

  1. Employee Database
  2. Payroll Processes
  3. Advances & Loans
  4. Leaves & Holidays
  5. Revisions & Resignations
  6. Income Tax & TDS