intuit Payroll


Intuit payroll or QuickBooks Payroll is leading and innovative powerful platform to manage your payroll needs. This comprehensive software is used globally.


Introduction to intuit Payroll

intuit Payroll is innovative platform to manage your payroll requirements. Our Online payroll software is trusted by customers worldwide for it accurate result. This Employee payroll software helps you save $600 annually by using our payroll system. This Cloud payroll software fits your business and gives guaranteed peace of mind.

Key features of QuickBooks Payroll software

  1. Paycheck accuracy powered by QuickBooks
  2. Rest easy with automatic payroll tax calculations
  3. With the 100% Penalty-Free Guarantee, we’ll deal with the IRS for you – and pay any penalties, too.7
  4. File taxes your way – do them yourself, or we’ll do them for you
  5. Setup and run your first payroll in as little as an hour.8
  6. Integrated time tracking
  7. Fast and free Same Day Direct Deposit
  8. Run payroll from anywhere with the mobile app
  9. Manage your books and accounting, all in one place
  10. Access the integrated suite of QuickBooks products
  11. Explore optional employee health benefits, workers comp, and more
  12. Real-time data updates
  13. Stay accountant ready
  14. Faster direct deposits