ADP Workforce Now is #1 Platform for Human Resource Management, Payroll, Time and Talent management tool.


Introduction to ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now offers organizations of all size the software to assists their people thrive. Right from Human resource to payroll processing to talent management and analytics, we assists our clients succeed. Being the world’s largest and most trusted HR solutions providers, ADP offers you complete platform to manage your workforce and payroll.

Core features of ADP Workforce Now

Payroll Management

Experience the most affordable and hassle free solutions from ADP. Payroll processing and tax filling become easier with this cutting edge solutions. Enables your employees to access data from anywhere and anytime.

  1. Payroll processing in four easy steps
  2. Taxes calculated and paid on your behalf
  3. Federal, state, and local compliance support
  4. Fully automated employee data syncing
  5. Integration with HR, benefits, talent and more
  6. Scalable levels of service and outsourcing

HR Management

Change HR administration from a managerial capacity to a fundamental, key piece of your business. Robotize and streamline these key needs, and that’s just the beginning:

  1. Policy acknowledgement
  2. Compliance tracking and reporting
  3. Employee record keeping
  4. New-hire onboarding
  5. Tracking awards, licenses, skills and certifications
  6. Employee status changes
  7. Workforce reporting


Try not to invest energy burrowing through information. Try ADP’s AI to recognize and  and push relevant, location-based insights to seniors and and managers about their teams. From recommending significant measurements and reports to proactively spotting potential attrition, ADP® DataCloud gives you an unparalleled capacity to give information to work.

Talent acquisition and management

Recruitment, screening and selection : Enhance your brand, culture and talent option with  cutting edge innovations that attracts excellent candidates.

Performance management : It will automate performance management and reviews for executives people.

Compensation planning : Helps you attract and retain best talent with a clearly defined pay-for-performance compensation strategy.

Time and attendance management