FactoHr is simplest but fastest HR software that covers all the functions of Payroll and Human Resource Management in you company.


Introduction to FactoHR

FactoHR is the most straightforward quickest HR suite for age Y workforce. It is where you can create support your workforce with Onboarding, HRIS,Payroll, Leave, Attendance, Goals, KRA and KPIs.

Modules of FactoHR

HR Management Software

FactoHR is an enhanced software solution built and optimized for Small enterprise to enable them streamline their end to end payroll and HRMS process.

  1. On-boarding : We offer a very systematic and stepwise approach for induction and on-boarding processes that leaves a good impression in employees, helping further in retention.
  2. HRIS : We offer unified platform for all employee information and reporting needed , which enables very few people to work efficiently and achieve what is normally dome by the large number of people.
  3. Performance Management : FactoHR takes care of every type and combination of Performance Management Software Metrics like Objectives, Goals, Key Performance Indicators , Competencies, and Values.

Payroll Software

FactoHR Payroll Software helps you deal with your business complexities and affectability in HR (Human Resources) related procedures. The escalated digitalization, propelled payroll solutions connote as the main device to acquire enough HR efficiencies in the organization.

Attendance System

Payroll Processing

Scalability : The system is built to perform simplest as well as most complex payroll structure. Now , as company  grows, the system can be smoothly configured to manage  add-on complexity and will give good ROI.

Improve Throughput : Our system process payroll in hour, not in days. Every post salary generation procedures such as accounting and compliance can be done with a single click.

Effective Due Diligence : With enhanced Management Information System, checking and reconciliation is super easy. You can easily check and reconcile all payroll information in few minutes.

Leave Management

Travel Expense Management