Say goodbye to payroll inconsistencies and run a seamless business with ADP Vista HCMSM – an adaptable and scalable solution that has been custom-made for small businesses. 


Self-Service Dashboard
Gives your employees a bird’s eye view of their leave status and activities, with quick links to apply for leaves, view pay slips and declare investments.

Declare Investments
Simplify your end-of-the-year processing with our solution. The system allows your employees to declare their investments at any point of time, and automatically updates any new changes introduced.

Claim Reimbursements
Configure different tax-exempted expenses, such as medical, conveyance, LTA etc. Employees can use the self service portal to register these configured expenses.

Access Reports
Employees have unlimited access to their pay slips and tax slips, as well as to their Form 16 through this portal.

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