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Kelive provides smart building management system for managing resident services and achieve the utmost efficiency while managing ...

Society Management Software

Society Management Software

Society accounting software is customized software that is able to handle huge volumes of transaction without any difficulty. This ...



ApnaComplex is the perfect solution to make living in an apartment complex a pleasant and ...

Hamari Society

Hamari Society

Hamari Society is Online society management software that helps in managing and maintaining all society activities online like ...



Society123 is leading online society management system. It gives you hassle-free platform to change your Society into online ...

Apartment Adda

Apartment Adda

Apartment Adda India's leading Apartment Management Software for Maintenance, Billing and Accounting for society & ...



Way2Society is top society management software helping customers to manage their Society Accounts and other stuffs easily.

Cloud Society

Cloud Society

Cloud Society is best Housing Society Management ERP software. This society software is accessible online. This can also be used ...

Smart Society

Smart Society

Smart Society apartment management software is a Single robust platform for a Commercial or Housing Society, Apartment Complex or ...



SocietyRun society management software gives SMART way to manage your Co-Operative Housing Society. Web based Apartment ...


What is society software?

Society software or apartment management software is application software that helps you manage entire gamut of society. Right from visitor management to accounting, it takes of almost everything. Since more and more people starting to leave in society, popularity of society accounting software has risen. There are many society management software available in the market which offers variety of features but you need to ensure that you pay for the features only required to you.

Key features of society management software

  1. Visitor management
  2. Staff attendance
  3. Helpdesk
  4. Surveillance
  5. Finance and accounting
  6. Noticeboard
  7. Security
  8. Forum for discussions
  9. Facility Management
  10. Staff management
  11. Bills payment
  12. Parking management
  13. Community service
  14. Classified
  15. Society poll

Top 10 Society software

1. ApnaComplex

Apnacomplex is best selling Apartment Society Management App, we present ApnaComplex. It is a next-generation fully integrated platform with a wide range of features that allow you to tackle any problem that may arise in a gated society.  ApnaComplex is the most used Apartment Society Management solution in India, making lives of our customers easier since 2010.

Key features of Apnacomplex

  1. Billing and Accounting
  2. Gatekeeper
  3. Helpdesk
  4. Communication
  5. Facility Management

2. Hamari Society

Hamari Society is a leading society management & accounting software for residential apartment in India. Our society manager app gives you total assistance in managing Co-operative housing society. Our price is very affordable as compare to competitors.

Key features of Hamari Society

  1. Manage Parking
  2. Instant Notices and Circulars
  3. Meeting Management
  4. Forum and Chat
  5. Manage Complaints
  6. Facility Management
  7. Online Bill Payment
  8. Society Event Management
  9. Document Collection

3. Upayogee

Upayogee Society management software helps you manage a residential society with ease like easily generate meeting notice, agenda, note the attendances, apartment maintenance, parking lot management, staff management, Automatic calculation, Manage events, complaints, maintenance details and more online.

Key features of Upayogee

  1. Payment Gateway
  2. Platform Friendly Software
  3. Members Management
  4. Sales/Purchases Management
  5. Complaint Management
  6. Visitor Management
  7. CRM- Work Management
  8. Facility Management
  9. Event Management
  10. Dedicated Relationship Manager

4. Vastu Software

Vastu billing software for apartment management in specially developed to satisfy the needs of the Co-Operative housing societies as well as the Industrial Societies to avoid the cumbersome billing and accounting as well as calculating the interest part.

Key features of Vastu billing software

  1. Windows Based User Friendly Package.
  2. Multi Society Creation.
  3. Multi-User Environment (Client/Server Architecture)(Optional).
  4. Single Entry and Multiple Effects.
  5. Different types of billing formats for choice.
  6. Ledger, Outstanding at a fingure tip.
  7. Minutes of Meeting at a click.
  8. All Types of Forms as per Bye – Laws, Notices & NOCs of the Banks.
  9. All Types of Reports convertible into Text, Word Formats.
  10. Facility to print the reports both on Dot Matrix, Inkjet or Laser Printers.

5. Apartment Adda

Apartment Adda is a Secure Portal of the Community with applications for Online Collaboration among Residents, HelpDesk and Facility Management, Online Billing, Accounting and Payment Gateway. This web-based housing society accounting software takes care of all needs around your apartment.

Key features of our apartment management software

  1. Connecting with your neighbours. Have discussions, share photos, have polls
  2. Staying up to date with everything related to your society. Receive SMS, email notifications
  3. Make Maintenance Payments online
  4. Raise complaints, queries, suggestions to Association and track progress to closure
  5. Complete Society Accounting that includes Automatic Billing, Payment Gateway for online Collection, Online Expense Management, & Reporting.
  6. Facility Management for managing machinery and systems worth lakhs/crores. Asset & Inventory Tracker
  7. Meeting and Project Manager
  8. Attendance & Visitor Management
  9. Vendor Management

6. Society123

Society123  web-based society management system provide you trouble-free platform to change your society, making it extremely functional and easily manageable. Created by an experienced team having more than 25 years of experience handling society matters, this software enables even a newcomer to participate in the management process. It gives you unique features and flexibility for better functioning of your apartment and society.

Key features of society123

  1. Society Accounts
  2. Maintenance Bills
  3. Statutory Registers & Documents
  4. Manage Meetings
  5. Manage Tasks
  6. Manage Members Complaint
  7. Manage Society Investments
  8. Facility Management

7. Way2Society

Way2Soceity is a cloud based society accounting and management platform for housing and commercial societies. It offers easy and user friendly interface. Cloud-based access allows you login remotely from anywhere, anytime and efficiently manage bills plus communicate with society management and keep in touch with society affairs using Web or Mobile App.

Key features of Way2Society

  1. Finance at finger tip
  2. Online member management
  3. Online social networking
  4. View reports
  5. Single login for multiple flats
  6. Role based login
  7. Easy communication with committee
  8. Get upto date billing details

8. Smart Society

Smart Society is an Award winning online society management software solution for the complete Management of Office & Apartment Complexes. It is a single platform for the Management, Residents & Staff, who can see only the information that they required. It helps reduce time, effort & manual errors, leading to minimizing the overall costs of managing the society.

Key features of smart society

  1. Requests
  2. Amenities
  3. Billing
  4. Accounts
  5. Vendors
  6. Security
  7. Compliance
  8. Documents
  9. Staff Attendance
  10. Member & Tenant Directory
  11. Social Networking
  12. Website

9. Cloud Society

CloudSociety is top selling Housing Society Management system in India. This GST complaint ERP Software can also be useful for Residence Welfare Associations, Apartment Associations, Commercial Premises, Information Technology Parks & Facility Management organizations. It is top Social Networking and web based software application as well as mobile app that follows SaaS methods of cloud computing.

Key features of cloud society

  1. Billing.
  2. Accounting.
  3. Online Reporting.
  4. Cloud Printing.
  5. SMS alerts.
  6. E-mail.
  7. Mobile / PDA Access.
  8. Multi-lingual.

10. Societyrun

SocietyRun is a web-based Housing Society Management software for residential and commercial apartments & Housing Societies. Started in 2013, it has been secured its place in society management industry. Its a online platform to manage complete tasks related to apartment.

Key features of society software

  1. My Inbox / My Flat
  2. Notice Board
  3. Event Calendar
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Instant Poll
  6. Forum
  7. Classified
  8. Complaint Box
  9. Meeting Tracking
  10. User Management
  11. Email / SMS Broadcast
  12. Income Tracker
  13. Expense Tracker
  14. Bank & Cash Book
  15. Auto Bill Generation
  16. Payment Reminders
  17. Income Expenditure Report
  18. Payment Gateway Integration