Apartment Adda


Apartment Adda India’s leading Apartment Management Software for Maintenance, Billing and Accounting for society & apartment.


Introduction to Apartment Adda apartment management software

Apartment Adda is a Secure Portal of the Community with applications for Online Collaboration among Residents, HelpDesk and Facility Management, Online Billing, Accounting and Payment Gateway. This web-based housing society accounting software takes care of all needs around your apartment.


Key features of our apartment management software

  1. Connecting with your neighbours. Have discussions, share photos, have polls
  2. Staying up to date with everything related to your society. Receive SMS, email notifications
  3. Make Maintenance Payments online
  4. Raise complaints, queries, suggestions to Association and track progress to closure
  5. Complete Society Accounting that includes Automatic Billing, Payment Gateway for online Collection, Online Expense Management, & Reporting.
  6. Facility Management for managing machinery and systems worth lakhs/crores. Asset & Inventory Tracker
  7. Meeting and Project Manager
  8. Attendance & Visitor Management
  9. Vendor Management