SocietyRun society management software gives SMART way to manage your Co-Operative Housing Society. Web based Apartment Accounting software with auto billing. 


Introduction to Societyrun society management software

SocietyRun is a web-based Housing Society Management software for residential and commercial apartments & Housing Societies. Started in 2013, it has been secured its place in society management industry. Its a online platform to manage complete tasks related to apartment.

Key features of society software

  1. My Inbox / My Flat
  2. Notice Board
  3. Event Calendar
  4. Photo Gallery
  5. Instant Poll
  6. Forum
  7. Classified
  8. Complaint Box
  9. Meeting Tracking
  10. User Management
  11. Email / SMS Broadcast
  12. Income Tracker
  13. Expense Tracker
  14. Bank & Cash Book
  15. Auto Bill Generation
  16. Payment Reminders
  17. Income Expenditure Report
  18. Payment Gateway Integration