Vastu is leading Co-Operative housing society software in India. This society & apartment software is developed to avoid clumsy billling & accounting.


Introduction to Vastu C0-Operative Housing Society Software

Vastu billing software for apartment management in specially developed to satisfy the needs of the Co-Operative housing societies as well as the Industrial Societies to avoid the cumbersome billing and accounting as well as calculating the interest part.

Key features of Vastu billing software

  1. Windows Based User Friendly Package.
  2. Multi Society Creation.
  3. Multi-User Environment (Client/Server Architecture)(Optional).
  4. Single Entry and Multiple Effects.
  5. Different types of billing formats for choice.
  6. Ledger, Outstanding at a fingure tip.
  7. Minutes of Meeting at a click.
  8. All Types of Forms as per Bye – Laws, Notices & NOCs of the Banks.
  9. All Types of Reports convertible into Text, Word Formats.
  10. Facility to print the reports both on Dot Matrix, Inkjet or Laser Printers.