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Porteus Kiosk

Porteus Kiosk

Porteus Kiosk is a leading locked down linux operating system for public access computers. It is fast small and secure.



GoKiosk is leading Enterprise Mobile Device kiosk software. GoKiosk is secure lockown app for android and tablets. The apps ...



SecureGive kiosk software is the first and only giving platform. It helps your donation fast, easy and secure. Try our leading ...



SureLock kiosk software provides fast and easy way to lockdown off-the-shelf mobile devices. Tablets, Smartphones, Smartwatches ...

Kiosk Simple

Kiosk Simple

Kiosk Simple is leading edge kiosk software that allows your website to run on a tablet in a minute with easy to use windows ...

Antamedia Kiosk Software

Antamedia Kiosk Software

Antamedia Kiosk software is leading tool that locks down your public computer or kiosk. Internet Kiosk and Secure Browser ...

KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare is the best kiosk software in the market. kiosk browser software that secures windows in a lockdown kiosk mode. Free ...



SiteKiosk is a leading kiosk software for Windows to lock down public access Devices. It secures the browser and operating ...

Kiosk Management Software

Kiosk Management Software

Faronics WINSelect kisok management software transform your computer into Kiosk mode instantly . Kiosk Software for Windows to ...



CORE K-NECT is a remote management software platform that provides the essential foundation for an easily managed and successful kiosk deployment.  ...


What is Kiosk Software

Kiosk software is basically a system and user interface software intended to work on an interactive kiosk, web kiosk and video kiosk. It locks down application, system setting and browser functions to ensure system in a way that prevents user interaction and activities on the device outside the scope of execution of the software.

Kiosk software is in high demand in the devices that is used publicly such as vending machine, libraries or public transport. This software is used to manage a touch screen where a virtual keyboard replaces the need for a computer keyboard.

Types of Kiosk devices

  1. Telekiosk
  2. Financial services kiosk
  3. Photo kiosk
  4. Internet kiosk
  5. Ticketing kiosk
  6. Restaurant kiosk
  7. Movie ticket kiosk
  8. Visitor management and security kiosk
  9. DVD vending kiosk
  10. Information kiosk
  11. Video kiosk
  12. Way finding kiosk
  13. Check-in kiosks

Features of Kiosk software

  1. Blocking data saving to external devices & web-based storage
  2. Administering a touchscreen and disabling key combinations such as Ctrl-Alt-Del, that have lasting effect on system integrity
  3. Blocking user access to system fundamentals like Windows Explorer, Windows Registry, Control Panel and Start Menu
  4. Blocking URLs unrelated to kiosk tasks and limiting browser functions to protect public kiosks from unauthorized internet usage
  5. Setting  time-bound kiosk session for each user ensure user privacy and stop  long queues

Top 10 Kiosk Software

1. Antamedia Kiosk Software

Antamedia Kiosk Software turns any computer into a self-service Kiosk. This Internet software  securely displays your website or application and reduces maintenance time.It blocks hacking and downtime, blocks the system keys like Ctrl-Alt-Del, restricts access to the system, desktop, drives, folders and programs.

Key features of Antamedia  software

  1. Lock down your kiosk or public computer
  2. Blocks System Keys
  3. Runs in Limited Account
  4. Hides System Drives
  5. Folder Access Rights
  6. Blocks Applications and Program Options
  7. Control, charge and limit printed pages

2. SiteKiosk

Sitekiosk is leading kiosk software for windows and android secures public access computer from any sort of manipulation by users. This software has become the most popular public access terminal software across the globe.

Key features of this software

  1. Start-Screen Generator
  2. Chrome Engine Support
  3. Configuration tool
  4. Session reset after idle time
  5. Customizable user interface
  6. Internet Content Filter
  7. On-Screen Keyboards
  8. Restricted surfing area
  9. Restricted surfing area
  10. Display in fullscreen mode

3. Kioware Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk Software was built to secure devices running the Windows operating system. Now  KioWare has become a robust Windows following and a long list of supported external devices for use on the Windows Platform.  The arrival of the tablet and the advancement of the Android operating system led to the 2012 release of the KioWare for Android.The latest addition of our product line is kioware cloud a SaaS based software.

Key features of this windows kiosk software

  1. Chromium Browser Engine
  2. Restricts Browser Access & Controls Pop-up Windows
  3. Keyboard Filtering
  4. Clears User Data & Cookies at Session End
  5. Custom Toolbar & Virtual Keyboard
  6. File Download Blocking
  7. Manages Customizable Attract Screens
  8. Native PDF Viewing
  9. Dock Multiple Browsers
  10. KioCall Video Conferencing

4. NetKiosk

Netkiosk kiosk software helps you lock down your PCs into secure flexible kiosk mode. Created as stand-alone programs with built-in lock down features to block users gaining access to restricted areas of the PC.  We focus on quick installation and quick deployment on several PCs.  The Windows system integrity is never compromised.

Key features of standard kiosk software

  1. Tabbed kiosk browser.
  2. Secure admin panel.
  3. Runs on top of Windows.
  4. Ready for use in minutes
  5. Display kiosk mode.
  6. Built-in content filter.
  7. Stand-alone program.
  8. Simple configuration.
  9. Touch screen compatible.
  10. Custom or Windows OSK.
  11. Install size 3.5 mb
  12. Works on all Windows versions.

5. Kiosk Simple

KioskSimple cutting-edge kiosk software to secure your digital resources against unauthorized uses. It is a simple and elegant solution that makes it easy to turn your website securely into a tablet. We offer consulting services for the first time project to make you fully understand about the system and its functionality.

Features of this tool

  1. Easily turn any website into a tablet in just a few simple steps
  2. Reuse your existing website and save on development costs
  3. Secure your system against malicious user tampering
  4. Browser lockdown restricts the web pages users can view
  5. Run your existing e-commerce website publicly
  6. Easy to configure and secure
  7.  Perfect-fit pricing to fit any budget. Only pay for the features you’ll actually use
  8. Increase your ROI with our support for accepting payments

6. SureLock

SureLock Kiosk software is a great tools for businesses to connect with their customers, employees, and public users. Though, the procedures of creating a traditional kiosk is complicated and time-consuming. The expense associated with industrial kiosks is also very high for most businesses.

Key features of android kiosk software

  1. Lockdown Android devices with restricted access to selected applications.
  2. Display widgets on home screen
  3. Display application shortcuts
  4. Block user from altering system settings
  5. Set passwords for chosen applications
  6. Auto launch applications at startup
  7. Control access to peripherals like WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, Airplane mode, Audio, GPS, etc.
  8. Customize home screen

7. SecureGive

SecureGive kiosk software & Church Donation Kiosks remove the barriers to giving and connect people to your ministry in a matter of seconds.We believe generosity should not be limited to those who carry checkbooks.

Kiosk giving gives the lowest transaction rates of any platform. With tiered and flat rates available, SecureGive giving kiosks will lower your transaction fees and enhance revenue for your ministry.

Key features of our kiosk software

  1. Church Management Integrations
  2. Payments Module
  3. Unlimited Categories
  4. Multi-Site Support
  5. On-Going Support
  6. Advanced Security
  7. Anonymous Giving
  8. Include a Message
  9. Graphic Customization
  10. Campaign Goals
  11. Email Collection
  12. Brand Color Matching

8. Gokiosk

Gokiosk is leading Kiosk Lockdown app assists to oversee all Android devices by turning them into dedicated Android kiosk. This helps the users to save the infrastructure cost and improve the productivity.

Device enabled with Kiosk shows the customizable screen by permitting the user to only selected apps that are enabled by the Admin. It will ensure safety and security of company as well as personal data and devices.

Key features of kiosk software

  1. Lockdown device
  2. Single Application Mode
  3. Import/Export
  4. Cloud management
  5. Peripheral Locking Ability
  6. Prevent Hardware Cashing
  7. Kiosk Browser
  8. Highly Efficient and Personalized UI

9. Porteus Kiosk

Porteus Kiosk helps secure  your public access computer simpler than you think. You do not need to be a technical expert to customize, lock down and install your own kiosk. Need not worry about viruses, malware or users installing unwanted software.Our straightforward instructions will help you through the set up process enables you to easily customize your kiosk to your liking.

Features of our operating system

  1. It’s free and based on open source components
  2. It’s locked down by default
  3. It’s secured by design
  4. Guarantees the privacy
  5. It’s modular
  6. It’s easy to configure
  7. It’s lightweight
  8. Supports automatic updates
  9. Allows ‘user made’ customizations
  10.  Provides stunning support

10. WINSelect

Faronics WINSelect Kiosk Management Software gives a fast, flexible, and scalable way to configure the functionality and feature set of any Windows computer to conform to an organization’s requirements. Standardized user environments are critical for organizations that want to reduce IT support costs and workload.

Key features of our solutions

  1. Kiosk Mode
  2. Machine Lockdown and Print Limiting
  3. Network and Web Control
  4. Drive and File Extension Blocking
  5. Application Blocking
  6. User Session Limiting
  7. Start Button and Start Menu
  8. Control Panel and Desktop Restrictions
  9. Windows Explorer Restrictions
  10. Application and Browser Restrictions
  11. Active Directory Template Integration
  12. Central Management