Porteus Kiosk


Porteus Kiosk is a leading locked down linux operating system for public access computers. It is fast small and secure.


Introduction to Porteus Kiosk operating system

Porteus Kiosk helps secure  your public access computer simpler than you think. You do not need to be a technical expert to customize, lock down and install your own kiosk. Need not worry about viruses, malware or users installing unwanted software.Our straightforward instructions will help you through the set up process enables you to easily customize your kiosk to your liking.

Features of our operating system

  1. It’s free and based on open source components
  2. It’s locked down by default
  3. It’s secured by design
  4. Guarantees the privacy
  5. It’s modular
  6. It’s easy to configure
  7. It’s lightweight
  8. Supports automatic updates
  9. Allows ‘user made’ customizations
  10.  Provides stunning support