Kiosk Simple


Kiosk Simple is leading edge kiosk software that allows your website to run on a tablet in a minute with easy to use windows software.


Introduction to Kiosk Simple kiosk software

KioskSimple cutting-edge kiosk software to secure your digital resources against unauthorized uses. It is a simple and elegant solution that makes it easy to turn your website securely into a tablet. We offer consulting services for the first time project to make you fully understand about the system and its functionality.

Features of this tool

  1. Easily turn any website into a tablet in just a few simple steps
  2. Reuse your existing website and save on development costs
  3. Secure your system against malicious user tampering
  4. Browser lockdown restricts the web pages users can view
  5. Run your existing e-commerce website publicly
  6. Easy to configure and secure
  7.  Perfect-fit pricing to fit any budget. Only pay for the features you’ll actually use
  8. Increase your ROI with our support for accepting payments