KioWare Kiosk Software


KioWare is the best kiosk software in the market. kiosk browser software that secures windows in a lockdown kiosk mode. Free trial available.


Introduction to KioWare Kiosk Software

KioWare Kiosk Software was built to secure devices running the Windows operating system. Now  KioWare has become a robust Windows following and a long list of supported external devices for use on the Windows Platform.  The arrival of the tablet and the advancement of the Android operating system led to the 2012 release of the KioWare for Android.The latest addition of our product line is kioware cloud a SaaS based software.

Key features of this windows kiosk software

  1. Chromium Browser Engine
  2. Restricts Browser Access & Controls Pop-up Windows
  3. Keyboard Filtering
  4. Clears User Data & Cookies at Session End
  5. Custom Toolbar & Virtual Keyboard
  6. File Download Blocking
  7. Manages Customizable Attract Screens
  8. Native PDF Viewing
  9. Dock Multiple Browsers
  10. KioCall Video Conferencing