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Amigo Cable TV Software

Amigo Cable TV Software

Amigo Cable TV Software is proper Solution for Playout & Broadcast Atuomation, TV playout, Playout and broadcast automation, ...

Media on Air

Media on Air

Media on Air best cable TV software in India. It gives you unique experience. Our price is very affordable as compared to ...

Channel Studio Pro

Channel Studio Pro

Channel Studio Pro is an ultimate broadcast and  automation solutions. Channel studio pro is a cost effective solution for cable ...

Logosys Playout

Logosys Playout

Logosys playout cable TV software is India's Most trusted and powerful Broadcast Automation Software and Character Generator ...

Cable TV CRM

Cable TV CRM

Cable TV CRM software is #1 Cloud-based Customer Relationship Management Software for Cable TV business. It is built on Latest ...



Aplomb is the top name in India for developing developing cable TV Software including Remote playout server, TV playout, Playout ...



BlackMagic Cable TV is best in class payout software in India. It is helping in TV channel automation. Its built on cutting-edge ...



STB CRM is an excellent Cable TV Software to manage cable TV billing and other operation related to cable TV operators.

Cable Master

Cable Master

Cable Master is a Cable TV Software To operate Local Cable TV Channel, Music or Movie Channel Using a Computer. 



Wiplay is India's #1 Cable TV Software.  This is a Broadcasting or playout software for entertainment channel. Our software is ...


What is Cable TV Software?

Top 10 Cable TV Software

1.  Media on Air

Media on Air playout software is exclusively designed cable tv playour software  for tv channel industry to run their channels with a pc. This Cable tv broadcasting software completely take care of your channel with no.1 quality you have ever seen.

Key features of Media on Air

  1. Programme scheduling
  2. Multi filler programme
  3. Timing visual Ad
  4. Regular scheduling
  5. Live play list
  6. Four channel live
  7. Network playback
  8. CG, Live streaming
  9. UDP streaming
  10. Playout recording
  11. Live recording
  12. SMS
  13. Whatsapp chatting
  14. Automatic SMS report
  15. Whatsapp report
  16. Mail report & Playing report.

2. Logosys Playout

Logosys playout is Most popular, Advanced and Robust Cable TV Channel Playout Software. Our Cable tv broadcasting software supports SDI and HD output with Blackmagic’s Decklink Boards. This Cable tv playout software also supports unlimited Graphics Overlay with High Quality Adobe Flash, Targa and  PNG.

Key features of  Logosys Playout

  1. Watermark, Online Cricket Score from Internet, Video Play without gap or black
  2. Customize Movie Trailor
  3. Unlimited Text on Screen – help to highlight any particular text message on screen with manual on/off or time base
  4. Live Preview of running video with runtime Change facility
  5. Channel Logo with Animation and TGA / Flash File supported
  6. Quick schedule display for upcoming movies..
  7. Headline text scroll display with multiple groups with separate design.

3. Amigo Playout Software

Amigo Cable TV playout Software offers Channel-in-a box, TV automation, channel branding & streaming. Our Cable tv broadcasting software gives user Friendly GUI Very Easy to use interface with tested 24/7 Stability crash-free performance, 4K/HD/SD Automated Playout and Graphics with Streaming and Live Ingest.

Key features of Amigo Playout

  1. Network File Playback
  2.  24x 7 Stable Playout
  3.  Output Preview
  4.  Broadcast Quality CG
  5.  Playback
  6.  IP output
  7.  Multiformat Playback
  8.  Live Ingest
  9.  App Integrated Streaming
  10.  Virtual Source
  11.  SD-HD-4K Output
  12.  DVB-compliant UDP streaming

4. BlackMagic

BlackMagic Software for Cable TV Operators are exclusively built for both Professionals and Amateurs to run their total Automated TV Channel with a Personal Computer. You can do everything OnLine while the Show is running. All with in less than 20% CPU usage.

Key features of  BlackMagic

  1. No need to configure basic settings from nVidia control panel
  2. Store special display settings for your favourite programs
  3. Video Zoom is possible in 8500, 8600, 8800, 9200, 9300 and all series
  4. Move the TV out to any direction to get the picture in center
  5.  Which can be done from our nVidia settings window with easy clicks
  6. Three user friendly Presets to make your TV out smooth and brighter
  7. Install nVidia driver, Install BlackMagic and Start the show

5. Aplomb

Aplomb is comprehensive solutions for different kind of broadcast software based on Movie, Music, News or any theme base channel. Our Cable tv broadcasting software built with latest technological tools with thought of upcoming technological trends so solution last for long duration without any heavy or compulsory update. This Cable tv playout software available with back of highly professional and dedicated engineers for the best practices.

Key features of Aplomb

  1. Decklink Card Supported
  2. Movie Playout Software
  3. Advertiser Alert
  4. Censorship Management
  5. Fun Channel software
  6. Social Networking
  7. Quick Schedules
  8. Youtube Video
  9. Intelligent Playout
  10. Browser Base Playout Automation

6. Cable TV CRM

Cable TV CRM Software is Online Customer relationship management software for Cable TV operators which enables them to enhance their revenue by means of systematic approach to subscribers data management, billing, invoicing, internal accounting and Settopbox management. Our Cable tv broadcasting software also helps Internet service providers and Cable operators to enable e-payment from subscribers for their services.

Key features our Cable TV CRM

  1. CRM
  2. Document Management
  3. Financial Management
  4. Inventory Management
  5. Supplier and Purchase Order Management
  6. Time Tracking
  7. Quality Management
  8. Bill of materials
  9. Business intelligence
  10. Inventory control
  11. Invoicing

7. Wiplay

Wiplay Cable TV Software is committed to help customer for more than 11 year experience. This Cable TV broadcasting software is giving the better service, better solution, better technology to our customer and engage in valuable partnership.

Key Features of Wiplay

  1. Time based program schedule
  2. Multi Language support with using of .ttf Fonts
  3. Playlist based program schedule (Back to Back Movies)
  4. Unlimited days and time scheduling
  5. Swish max scroll, Flash Scroll, Full Flash Script Support
  6. L-SHAP Advertise
  7. RTMP Live stream high quality on web server for Internet TV
  8. Live Channel Recorded While Your Channel Is on Air
  9. for 24 hour special flash ad ticker with schedule
  10. Special Program event countdown with day, hour, minute, second

8. Channel Studio Pro

Channel studio pro is a widely accepted cost effective solution for cable TV, IPTV or Web channels for their broadcast requirements across geography. Our Cable tv broadcasting software  supports all popular video formats. The main highlight of the software is its flexibility and user friendly Interface.

Key features of  Channel Studio Pro

  1. Play live streams inside the playlist from any valid URLs including youtube!
  2. Add logos and tickers
  3. Stream to platforms like Flash Media Server, Wowza, Red5 etc.
  4. Play Live video from any input source/ camera,
  5. Playout to professional cards like Decklink, Intensity pro etc.
  6. Stream output in any protocol through any streaming encoder like Flash Media Live Encoder(FMLE),
  7. Microsoft Expression, Wirecast, Windows media encoder or VLC..
  8. Make unlimited playlists, schedule programs and advertisements.
  9. You can also easily webcast your channel through Ustream, JustinTV, LiveStream, etc. using our software.

9. Cable Master

Cable Master is a cable TV Software for cable TV operators. With this Cable TV playout software you do not worry about faulty VCRs’, VHS tapes, VCD Players. Cable Master will play your movies, Cable along with advertisements.

Key features of Cable Master

  1. Download features List For Full Details
  2. Load and Scroll Ads Hide During Video Ads
  3. Support Both SMS and Dial Song Selection
  4. Easy Song Play Time Configuration
  5. Song Again Run Protection
  6. Dial a Song Using mobile Phone
  7. Easy Song List Making
  8. Simple & Easy User Interface
  9. Songs Preview During Software Running
  10. Easy Scroll Ads Updation
  11. Song Current and Next Updation on Screen
  12. 2 Sponsors Logos (Time Based)
  13. 2 Extra Ads Support With Scroll Ads
  14. SMS on Demand
  15. Custom Screen Settings
  16. Video Ads
  17. Scroll Ads With Flash Support
  18. Song Null Link Finder
  19. 2 Channel Logos


STB CRM is a complete cable TV software to manage Set-top box Billing. This Cable TV broadcasting software help the cable TV operators manage their business in an efficient way. The cable operator can oversee their customer, connections, set-top boxes information, Packages Information with package change history, billing, collection, sms alert and notification.

Key features of  STB CRM

  1. Automatic billing mode and Manual billing mode
  2. Customer Management
  3. Bill-Periods
  4. Complaint Management and Received compliant by SMS.
  5. Package management and change history
  6. Set-Box Wise billing and collection
  7. SMS Notification for Payment due, New Package Launch, connection Inactivation, and Activation
  8. Area Wise Collection Report
  9. Android-based App for daily collection summary
  10. Set-top box Management and change history
  11. Collection Agent Wise collection Report, Location Wise customer Reports