Media on Air


Media on Air best cable TV software in India. It gives you unique experience. Our price is very affordable as compared to others.


Introduction to Media on Air

Media on Air playout software is exclusively designed cable tv software  for tv channel industry to run their channels with a pc. This Cable tv broadcasting software completely take care of your channel with no.1 quality you have ever seen.

Key features of our cable TV Software

  1. Programme scheduling
  2. Multi filler programme
  3. Timing visual Ad
  4. Regular scheduling
  5. Live play list
  6. Four channel live
  7. Network playback
  8. CG, Live streaming
  9. UDP streaming
  10. Playout recording
  11. Live recording
  12. SMS
  13. Whatsapp chatting
  14. Automatic SMS report
  15. Whatsapp report
  16. Mail report & Playing report.