Aplomb is the top name in India for developing developing cable TV Software including Remote playout server, TV playout, Playout and broadcast.


Introduction to Aplomb

Aplomb is comprehensive solutions for different kind of broadcast software based on Movie, Music, News or any theme base channel. Our Cable tv broadcasting software built with latest technological tools with thought of upcoming technological trends so solution last for long duration without any heavy or compulsory update. This Cable tv playout software available with back of highly professional and dedicated engineers for the best practices.

Key features of our Cable TV Software

  1. Decklink Card Supported
  2. Movie Playout Software
  3. Advertiser Alert
  4. Censorship Management
  5. Fun Channel software
  6. Social Networking
  7. Quick Schedules
  8. Youtube Video
  9. Intelligent Playout
  10. Browser Base Playout Automation