TRXio is  an outstanding inventory management software and asset tracking tool offering item-level traceability and LiveQR Codes. 


Introduction to TRXio

TRXio is state-of-the art inventory management software developed by Cairnstack Software. This Inventory management system offers inventory enlightenment through item-level traceability. Our Stock management software is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, created to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs.

Key features of our Inventory management software

  1. Asset Management
  2. Labeling
  3. User Experience
  4. Reporting
  5. Vendor Purchase Orders
  6. Movement Analytics
  7. Post-Sale Marketing
  8. Order Management
  9. Tracking/Traceability
  10. Change Orders
  11. Cycle Counting
  12. Project Organization
  13. Auditing
  14. Live QR Code
  15. Integration
  16. Scanning
  17. Receiving
  18. Standardized Identification