STB CRM is an excellent Cable TV Software to manage cable TV billing and other operation related to cable TV operators.


Introduction to STB CRM

STB CRM is a complete cable TV software to manage Set-top box Billing. This Cable TV broadcasting software help the cable TV operators manage their business in an efficient way. The cable operator can oversee their customer, connections, set-top boxes information, Packages Information with package change history, billing, collection, sms alert and notification.

Key features of our Cable TV Software

  1. Automatic billing mode and Manual billing mode
  2. Customer Management
  3. Bill-Periods
  4. Complaint Management and Received compliant by SMS.
  5. Package management and change history
  6. Set-Box Wise billing and collection
  7. SMS Notification for Payment due, New Package Launch, connection Inactivation, and Activation
  8. Area Wise Collection Report
  9. Android-based App for daily collection summary
  10. Set-top box Management and change history
  11. Collection Agent Wise collection Report, Location Wise customer Reports