BlackMagic Cable TV is best in class payout software in India. It is helping in TV channel automation. Its built on cutting-edge technologies.


Introduction to BlackMagic

BlackMagic Software for Cable TV Operators are exclusively built for both Professionals and Amateurs to run their total Automated TV Channel with a Personal Computer. You can do everything OnLine while the Show is running. All with in less than 20% CPU usage.

Key features of our Cable TV Software

  1. No need to configure basic settings from nVidia control panel
  2. Store special display settings for your favourite programs
  3. Video Zoom is possible in 8500, 8600, 8800, 9200, 9300 and all series
  4. Move the TV out to any direction to get the picture in center
  5.  Which can be done from our nVidia settings window with easy clicks
  6. Three user friendly Presets to make your TV out smooth and brighter
  7. Install nVidia driver, Install BlackMagic and Start the show