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SahiGST is an cloud-based platform that enables CA & Businesses manage their GST return filings and reconciliation. with our ...

Saral GST

Saral GST

Saral GST software features solves all your requirements for GST return filing for in India. We also have accounting & ...

GST Billing Software

GST Billing Software

GST billing software is the best accounting software developed by Sleek Bill. It has Invoicing and Billing features with GST ...

Easy GST

Easy GST

Easy GST is best accounting software in India to manage GST compliance and return filing. It helps you manage your accounting, ...



HostBooks GST software gives you with the best GST Billing and Return Filing experience. We intend to reduce the compliance time ...

GST Keeper

GST Keeper

GST Keeper GST software gives you an option for billing, return filling, accounting and reporting in India. It is the best ...

Go GST Bill

Go GST Bill

Go GST Bill is easy to use life time free GST compliance software for small business. It has been created keeping in mind the ...



LegalRaasta GST Software helps you manage GST compliance easily. It gives you easy reconciliation and excel export. Gain control ...

Ledgers GST Software

Ledgers GST Software

Ledgers GST Software is  online accounting platform helps GST invoice creation, GST return filing & integrating all aspects ...

Marg GST Software

Marg GST Software

Marg GST Software is affordable online accounting software in India. This award-wining software is GST compliance and helping ...


What is GST?

GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. It is an indirect tax imposed in India on the supply of goods and services. GST is divided into five tax slabs for collection of tax – 0%, 5%, 12%, 18% and 28%.  GST rules and regulations are governed by GST council which includes finance minister of centre and all the states. GST is popularly referred to the one nation one tax. It is paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly based on business turnover.

What is GST Software?

GST Software is application software designed to manage Good & Service Tax compliant Accounting in the business. It’s a complete system that ensures smooth functioning of business accounting in India. Every businesses operating in India must be registered under GST. To manage and fill this mechanical system of taxation one needs to have GST Software. It helps you in filing GST returns, challan registration, e-payments, invoicing & billing, accounting etc.

Features of GST Software

  1. GST return filing
  2. GST Compliance and Accounting
  3. Create and manage CGST, SGST and IGST
  4. Multi-currency support
  5. E-Payments facility
  6. Import-Export data with a click
  7. Automatic HSN & SAC Lookup
  8. Tax computation & validation
  9. GST Reporting
  10. Auto-bank Reconciliation
  11. Manage inventory
  12. Budget control
  13. GST invoicing & billing
  14. Journal adjustments 
  15. GST E Waybill

How to choose best GST software?

On-premise or cloud based

This is going to be the most important question here, whether to go for online or offline GST software. Let me explain both the terms for your understanding. On-premise is offline software and you buy the license to install the software in your office using your own IT infrastructure and technical support. In this case, vendor’s job will be over after installation and end user training. On the other hand, cloud-based or online software is subscription based service and charged per user per month basis. This is very affordable, secure and scalable. If you choose online software then you are free from all those IT infrastructure set up and data security issues.

User interface & reports

User interface is discussed very often when we talk about GST or any other business software. User interface refers to personalized and informative dashboard and beautiful reporting system. This is very important as users have to interact with the system through its interface. Software must generate good insight as it eventually helps in decision making.

Data security

Digital revolution has begun but data security is primary concern today.  We have been witnessing the case of data breaches frequently and need security assurance the most. Be it online or offline, you have to be fully sure that GST software you are buying is not robust only in return filing but also secure in terms of data.


GST software you are buying must be scalable as per the business needs. Today, you may be a small firm but tomorrow you may become large enterprise and eventually require data migration from an existing to a new system without failing.


GST Software should be flexible enough to integrate with existing system like enterprise resource planning or any other system.


Technical Support is indeed the crucial part of any software system. Enquire thoroughly about the vendor through peers and online forum. Vendor must have long term goal in the business and must not wind up at the time your business is growing and you need them the most.

Top 10 GST Software in India

1. Tally GST Software

Tally ERP 9 is the latest Tally GST Software for GST compliant businesses in India.  it’s offering all the features right from GST Billing to GST Returns, Error Detections & corrections, and many more. Our accounting software is trusted by large group of businesses across India. Our tool is highly upgraded and GDPR compliance. Tally User interface is very simple and our technical support is outstanding.

Key features of Tally ERP 9

  1. Start GST billing in a few minutes using Tally.ERP 9 Release 6
  2. All GST transactions and scenarios are supported in Tally’s GST-Ready Software
  3. Quickly reconcile with suppliers, and get rightful input tax credit
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction to get continuous business
  5. Minimize the chances of GST return rejection
  6. Experience hassle-free GST returns
  7. Conveniently file GST returns

2. ClearTax GST Software

Cleartax GST software is very unique accounting software as it works in MS excel and said to be no-Internet GST software. This bookkeeping software gives you an option to create invoices on excel. This offline billing software enables you to create free GST bills and file returns.

Key features of ClearTax GST Software

  1. File 100% accurate GSTR-9 & 9C returns
  2. Auto-generate GSTR-9 in minutes
  3. Download GSTR-1, 2A, 3B, data for all months in one click
  4. Reconcile filed returns with books with click of a button
  5. One click data export from Tally using Tally Connector
  6. Automatically identify data mismatches for 100% GST compliance
  7. No need to handle JSON files
  8. Save time by filing returns for all your clients from one dashboard
  9. Simple ways to import data from excel to avoid copy-pasting data
  10. In English & हिन्दी
  11. Attend online training as per your convenient time
  12. Learn about GST & how to use GST Software
  13. Easy integration with ERPs like Tally, SAP
  14. Ensure 100% accuracy with Tax Validation Engines
  15. Avoid files transfer. Work real-time with your clients and team.
  16. Access from any device, anytime, anywhere

3. Marg GST Software

Marg GST Software is simplifying GST billing and return filing. Marg Erp 9 is a GST-ready inventory & accounting software that helps create invoices easily, oversee your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, monitor inventory,
generate reports & MIS, and file GST returns easily.This bookkeeping software for Billing & Accounting can be personalized as per the business needs. The best part of the software is its reporting.

Key features of  Marg GST Software

  1. Easy & Fast Billing
  2. Inventory
  3. GST filing
  4. Auto-Bank Reconciliation
  5. Import Purchase
  6. Reporting

4. Legal Raasta

LegalRaasta GST software is very easy to understand and use for the new user. If you go to use government utility it has several fields & complicated json upload process. It doesn’t even offer reconciliation.  Our GST software does automatic reconciliation and report mismatch instantly. It has easy to use interface like MS excel and give you step by step instruction to file return.

Key features of Legal Raasta

  1. Import Tally data
  2. Easy Reconciliation
  3. Multi-user
  4. Multi-Currency
  5. HSN finder
  6. Invoice generation
  7. Ledgers
  8. Tax Payment
  9. Place of supply finder
  10. Seller Mismatch notification
  11. GSTIN Validation
  12. E commerce import

5. Go GST Bill

Go GST Bill is perfect, cloud-based & Lifetime FREE GST billing software for small businesses. It is especially built for the Indian market with new GST compliance. It includes all the features from managing products to calculating & printing beautiful invoices for your clients. It’s fully reliable with high encryption algorithms & featured with the daily backup function.

Key features of Go GST Bill

  1. GST Invoices
  2. Product & Stock
  3. Proforma & Quotation
  4. Credit/Debit Note
  5. Payment Receipt
  6. Expenses Tracking
  7. Simple Report
  8. Easy Export
  9. Free Support

6. GST Keeper

GST Keeper is an integrated GST compliance solutions, apart from accounting and reporting it also gives personalized learning platform to help you learn more about GST act. Our leading edge GST software can assists you maintain GST return filing archives for all future reference. Our commitment towards surpassing the SLAs enables our customers make sure scrupulous adherence to GST Act and jurisdictional requirements.

Features of GST Keeper

  1. Platform Independent
  2. Highly Secured Language
  3. Availability of Sync facility
  4. Billing for Goods and Services
  5. Purchase Invoice for Unregistered Dealers in Reverse Charges Mechanism (RCM)
  6. Debit Credit Note
  7. Payment Voucher
  8. Refund Voucher
  9. Advance Receipt
  10. Shipping Bill
  11. Industry Specific Billing Format
  12. Furnish HSN Code
  13. Invoice Uploading
  14. Auto Error Identification
  15. Import/Export Data From/To Third-party Software
  16. Bulk Import of Receiver/Suppliers Data
  17. Import Client Details
  18. Import and Export in Excel
  19. Import and Export from Excel Templates Provided by GSTN
  20.  Direct Filing to GST Portal if Provided by GSTN
  21. Import From Invoice Section
  22. Unique Client Authentication Mechanism
  23. Input Tax Credit

7. Saral GST

Saral GST built by Relyon Softech is a user-friendly software for GST e-return filing. It is designed by a team which has over 17 years of domain knowledge and proven technical expertise in serving the financial industry including tax practitioners and banks.

Key features of Saral GST

  1. Data Import
  2. GSTR Comparison
  3. e-Payment
  4. Dashboard
  5. GST Returns
  6. GST Computation & set-off of ITC
  7. MIS Reports
  8. OTP Management

8. Sahi GST

SahiGST is a software platform for GST compliance that is created by experts with immense experience in domains of Taxation and Technology. It gives all types of GST returns and helps businesses be efficient in managing their GST filings & reconciliation. SahiGST is creating solutions to help make the adoption of India Stack easy with our flagship product.

Key fetures of Sahi GST

  1. Made To Scale
  2. Platform Support
  3. Integrated Approach
  4. Multi User System
  5. Activity Monitor
  6. Comprehensive GST Coverage
  7. Powerful Reconciliation
  8. Secure
  9. Proactive Notifications
  10. Reporting
  11. Role Defined User Access
  12. Maintain Business Master

9. Easy GST

Easy GST is accounting software in India and serving global customers. This cloud-based billing software allows you to work from anywhere anytime. Get update with your business finance on the go with our intuitive dashboard and extensive reports. It gives you total control on how people will  accesses your business.

Key features of  Easy GST

  1. Easy Invoices
  2. Dashboard
  3. Bills & Expenses
  4. Financial Reports
  5. Free Upgrades
  6. Support
  7. Asset Management
  8. Easy Touch
  9. Invoice Settings
  10. Payroll
  11. Time & Billing
  12. Banking
  13. Contacts
  14. Purchases
  15. Document Management
  16. Multi Currency
  17. Easy CRM Module
  18. Projects
  19. E-Return
  21. Time Tracking
  22. Data Security
  23. Inventory

10. HostBooks

HostBooks GST Software provides an integrated platform for TDS, GST, E Way Bill and Accounting. It intends to delivering accounting services that cater to the needs of all the customers & serve them hugely. HostBooks has been designed with the leading edge cloud-based technology in association with AWS. We think for our client satisfaction and benefits. Hence, ensure an incredible, secure, and hassle-free user experience.

Key features of HostBooks

  1. NSDL Listed Software
  2. Cloud-based with Anytime Anywhere Access
  3. Auto Calculation of ITC & Tax Liability
  4. Multi-template and Multi-type GST Billing
  5. Auto-matching of Invoices/Returns
  6. Automatic Data Validation
  7. Easy Migration from Tally and other software
  8. Quick Import and Export of Data
  9. Add Multiple Users and Companies
  10. Automated Bank Feeds
  11. Data Security, Backup & Restoration
  12. 24/6 Online CA Support