LegalRaasta GST Software helps you manage GST compliance easily. It gives you easy reconciliation and excel export. Gain control over your business with our tools.


Introduction to LegalRaasta GST Software in India

LegalRaasta GST software is very easy to understand and use for the new user. If you go to use government utility it has several fields & complicated json upload process. It doesn’t even offer reconciliation.  Our GST software does automatic reconciliation and report mismatch instantly. It has easy to use interface like MS excel and give you step by step instruction to file return.

Key features of GST filing software

  1. Import Tally data
  2. Easy Reconciliation
  3. Multi-user
  4. Multi-Currency
  5. HSN finder
  6. Invoice generation
  7. Ledgers
  8. Tax Payment
  9. Place of supply finder
  10. Seller Mismatch notification
  11. GSTIN Validation
  12. E commerce import

Easy GST invoicing with automated accounting

  1. Expense Tracking
  2. Inventory Management
  3. Account payables Management.
  4. Sales & Purchase Orders
  5. Tax preparation
  6. 20+ Financial reports