SahiGST is an cloud-based platform that enables CA & Businesses manage their GST return filings and reconciliation. with our tool your monthly filing gets super easy.


Introduction to SahiGST

SahiGST is a software platform for GST compliance that is created by experts with immense experience in domains of Taxation and Technology. It gives all types of GST returns and helps businesses be efficient in managing their GST filings & reconciliation. SahiGST is creating solutions to help make the adoption of India Stack easy with our flagship product.

Key fetures of our GST Software

  1. Made To Scale
  2. Platform Support
  3. Integrated Approach
  4. Multi User System
  5. Activity Monitor
  6. Comprehensive GST Coverage
  7. Powerful Reconciliation
  8. Secure
  9. Proactive Notifications
  10. Reporting
  11. Role Defined User Access
  12. Maintain Business Master