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TMS OnLine is the flexible choice for computerized maintenance management needs.  This application allows technicians to track asset data to pro-actively manage your organization’s vital information.  Our solution of automation tools constantly monitor your departmental activities and pre-defined metrics to maximize your data and your productivity.



Store all information on your assets and the technicians that perform the service. Store key information like costs, purchase date, manufacturer and work order history.

ECRI Institute UMDNS – Sourcebase

The UMDNS/Sourcebase module enables users to search, classify and tag equipment based on UMDNS and Sourcebase codes to standardize data across your organization.


Manage your stocked and non-stocked materials by easily generating transactions of issuing, receiving, transferring and counting material items to keep your warehouse organized and accurate. Classify your materials by type, category, sub-category and status, among other fields.

Planned Events

Schedule planned events from quarterly maintenance to other inspections through this module. Track all procedures through scheduling, providing necessary instructions and assigning resources. Monitor and provide valuable resource utilization tracking and justification.


Store information each procedures used to complete work orders or schedules. Include relevant details like time estimates, materials required and other specific instructions.


Use more than 250 standard reports within TMS OnLine to provide visibility into your operations. Improve your regulatory compliance with organizations like Joint Commission, OSHA, EPA and ADA through our reporting module, which offers easy access to data in one consolidated database.


Use the Resource Module to easily manage contractors and employees. Track daily activities and duties, allowing individuals to charge times to work orders, accounts or assets.


Use the schedule template to create specialized work orders. Assign schedules to assets, defining the scheduling method and determining which procedures are required.

Work Order Management

Create and edit work orders, as well as assign employees and tasks, track projects, charge time and materials and view asset history. Store all data for easy tracking and reporting.

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