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More than 800 organizations around the world have used VFA products and services to ensure that their facilities optimally support their strategic business objectives. Clients have been recognized for delivering programs that impact the bottom line by aligning facilities capital plans with organizational objectives to reduce risk, lower costs, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, and satisfy compliance requirements. VFA provides objective facilities assessments tailored to your needs – delivered by our staff or yours, secure cloud-based software with analytic tools that drive actionable capital plans, and professional expertise to help you plan and manage your facilities for strategic value.



Industry leading Cloud data repository, analysis, and reporting solution for the creation of facility capital plans that drive strategic business results. Produce compelling, detailed analyses, reports, and what-if models to support capital planning decisions. Forecast the impact of different spending levels, ensure cost estimation accuracy, prioritize budgets based on funding allocation, benchmark progress, and integrate sustainability into the capital plan.
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VFA FacilityView™

Simple, secure, customizable access to key information about your real estate portfolio delivered to the desktop or a mobile tablet. Connect the entire value chain – executives, department heads, risk managers, environmental or energy managers, building occupants. Quickly find assets, view multiple levels of detail, and integrate data from other enterprise systems for actionable insights.
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Cost-effective method of gathering and maintaining facility condition data by leverage existing facility staff knowledge with proven best-practice guidance. Integrated with VFA.facility for budget scenarios, prioritization and analytics. Standardized assessment solution ensures consistent data across an entire portfolio whether you use internal or 3rd party staff. Use the latest mobile technology to improve speed and accuracy; current data enables better decisions.  See how VFA.auditor works.
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VFA Site Linear Module

Address the unique needs of linear (horizontal) and infrastructure assets. Understand the condition of key infrastructure assets that support your day-to-day business operations, and identify specific areas of risk. Evaluate your complete capital requirements, including both buildings and linear / infrastructure assets in your funding analyses to better understand short term and long term capital needs and trade-offs. Effectively communicate condition and capital needs using maps, graphs and reports.
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Control ongoing capital spending against your planned budget and optimize cash flow. Accurately forecast cash needs and provide ongoing cost estimates, reconcile capital plans with actual spending, prioritize capital needs relative to one another and with respect to strategy, automate the purchase requisition process, and validate capital requests based on ROI, operational impact and strategic relevance.
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AssetFusion enables the integration of data from VFA.facility with a variety of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS). Bundle condition requirements and create work packages for better control, tracking and scheduling. Develop accurate maintenance and capital budgets, track inventory, labor and the progress of project execution through its capital planning system, and gain insight to optimize the total cost of ownership.
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