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The Siterra real estate & site management software system was created in 2001 to help real estate and telecommunications industry professionals gain total control of their sites, leases, projects and data. With features purpose-built for the telecom industry, Siterra includes a suite of commercial real estate property management software focused on improving operational efficiencies for the site management lifecycle. Siterra helps more than 50,000 users manage over 1,000,000 sites and 1.7 million projects globally. Siterra is a SaaS-based offering.


Siterra is an Accruent software product for the telecommunications industry. This site-centric solution enables site owners and network operators to efficiently manage sites, assets, projects and leases in order to improve operational visibility and resource allocation across the site lifecycle. Siterra offers a single source of truth for telecommunications companies managing an abundance of tasks, including colocation, BTS and maintenance projects. With a focus on increased collaboration across the entire ecosystem, Siterra is a comprehensive solution that offers scalability for growing telecom organizations.

  • Decrease Time To Revenue
    • Deploy projects faster
    • Optimize colocation
    • Proof of completion
  • Reduce Operating Costs
    • Reduce unnecessary truck rolls
    • Optimize human capital
    • Ensure accurate & timely lease payments
  • Improve Ecosystem Collaboration
    • Single source of truth
    • Convenient real-time access
    • Project visibility across ecosystem

Why Siterra

  • World Class Implementations
    • 16 years of experience
    • 50+ implementations
  • Global Experience
    • 16 countries across 4 continents
    • Multi-language support
  • Strong Customer Base
    • 15+ tower companies
    • 15+ mobile operators

600,000 leases
1.3 million Sites
2 million projects
8 million assets
100 million documents

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