Supplier Quality Audit Management App


The MetricStream Supplier Quality Audit Management App provides a comprehensive, scalable system to manage and track quality across the supplier ecosystem. The App integrates supplier quality data in a central repository, while enhancing communication with suppliers through a web-based interface. Quality management workflows, including supplier onboarding, audits, and non-conformance management are streamlined, standardized, and automated. 



Supplier Information Management
Maintains supplier profiles, factory information, quality assurance details, and more in a central database; enhances traceability by mapping together the supplier and factory hierarchy

Supplier Quality Audits
Supports the supplier quality audit lifecycle, including risk assessments, audit planning and scheduling, field work, reporting, and implementation of audit recommendations; provides tools for offline and mobile auditing

Non-Conformance Management
Helps establish systematic, consistent processes for identifying, evaluating, segregating, and disposing of non-conforming supplier materials; enables real-time tracking of non-conformances across the supply chain

Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA)
Triggers Supplier Corrective Action Requests (SCARs) for supplier quality issues and non-conformances; enables root cause analyses, investigations, and corrective actions; automates immediate actions, and streamlines supplier chargebacks

Reporting and Metrics
Provides a 360-degree, in-depth view of supplier quality data, process status, non-conformances, CAPAs, and costs; supports quality trend analysis and real-time supplier performance monitoring


  • Gain a single source of truth for managing and tracking quality across the supply chain
  • Effectively segment and manage suppliers based on category, criticality, and other key parameters
  • Break down siloes, and facilitate greater collaboration with suppliers on quality and CAPA activities
  • Accelerate the resolution of supplier non-conformances and quality issues through streamlined, automated workflows
  • Enable a risk-based approach to efficiently identify and mitigate high-risk areas around supplier quality
  • Lower the cost of poor quality. Recover costs faster through a systematic process for supplier chargebacks

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