Regulatory Change Management App


The MetricStream Regulatory Change Management App enables you to proactively manage regulatory changes which may have a significant impact on your organization’s processes, policies, risks, controls, and other areas. The App provides capabilities to track and catalog the latest regulatory developments, categorize them, and map them in the organization’s overall regulatory taxonomy.



Centralized Regulatory Intelligence Portal

Provides a one-stop source to integrate regulatory feeds, newsletters, websites, and market intelligence; connects to multiple leading regulatory content providers

Subscription-Based Access to Latest Regulatory Content

Offers access to latest regulatory developments based on user subscription; streams content as RSS feeds, alerts, or email notifications

Mapping to Current Risk Taxonomy

Links regulatory content to the existing organizational hierarchy and risk taxonomy; maps regulatory developments to other GRC elements, including risks, controls, processes, policies, assets, and organizations

Impact Assessment and Analysis

Helps measure the impact of regulatory change; identifies business functions, risks, policies, controls, trainings, tests, assessments, and reports impacted by regulatory change; helps decide if an action plan is required

Collaborative Workflow and Task Management

Provides flexible workflows to route regulatory changes for review, analysis, and action; supports assignment of tasks based on predefined business rules; tracks tasks, and escalates past-due items

Dashboards and Reporting

Enables tracking of regulatory updates through powerful dashboards and reports; helps users slice and dice through the data to uncover critical risk patterns and trends, status of change, and overall risk impact.


  • Facilitate a centralized approach to track regulatory developments across multiple regulatory data sources
  • Establish transparency across regulatory areas to monitor regulatory change, measure its impact, and implement updates
  • Improve accountability by directing regulatory updates to the appropriate subject matter experts
  • Manage and report on regulatory developments in a holistic manner
  • Gain a 360-degree view of regulatory change management across the enterprise through powerful dashboards and reports

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