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The MetricStream Incident Management App provides a single, integrated system to capture and manage multiple types of incidents, including those related to IT security, occupational injuries, accidents, and other environmental, health, and safety incidents. The App enables you to log, track, investigate, report, and resolve incidents in a systematic, automated manner.



Incident Capture and Tracking
Documents comprehensive incident data such as incident type, details, and location; enables real-time incident tracking at multiple levels, including IT asset, location, and severity levels

Incident Investigation
Supports multiple root cause analysis and investigation methodologies, including 5-Why, Fault Tree Analysis, and HAZOP; helps assess incident impact across various dimensions

Proactive Risk Management
Provides the ability to link together multiple incidents, assess associated risks, determine high-risk areas, and implement controls to avoid potential hazards

Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA)
Helps create a detailed CAPA or incident management plan; sends out automated CAPA task notifications to the responsible individuals and teams; tracks CAPA processes from initiation to closure

Mobile Functionalities
Provides configurable mobile capabilities to capture various incidents on tablets and mobile devices anywhere, anytime; allows users to attach pictures and videos as evidence

Reporting and Trend Analysis
Delivers flexible incident reporting templates and tools; provides both enterprise-wide and location-specific visibility into each incident; tracks and measures incident data against safety and performance metrics and targets through powerful analytics


  • Leverage a set of pre-packaged, yet flexible templates and best practice workflows to manage a wide range of incidents
  • Accelerate incident capture, tracking, investigations, CAPA, and reporting through streamlined, automated workflows
  • Improve cross-functional collaboration and coordination between various departments on incident investigations and corrective action
  • Enable a federated approach to standardize and aggregate incident management data and reporting at the plant, country, and headquarter level
  • Proactively identify and minimize potential incidents through consistent, closed-loop incident investigations and risk analyses
  • Strengthen compliance with industry standards and regulations, including OSHA, OHSAS 18001, RIDDOR, ISO 14001, and EPA

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