Lever recruiting is top recruitment software which streamlines the hiring process and simplifies the Applicant Tracking System.


Introduction to Lever Recruiting

Lever recruiting and applicant tracking system is for hiring teams to source, interview, and hire best candidates. Our team strives to set a new standards for enterprise software with modern, well-created , real-time apps. Since the ATS system of choice for Netflix, Eventbrite, Cirque Du SoleiI, Yelp, change.org, and thousands more leading organizations, Lever means you hire the top hiring together.

Key features of our recruiting software

  1. Go beyond applicants
  2. Recruit humans,not resumes
  3. Grow your talent database
  4. Delight your candidates
  5. Fall in love with better scheduling
  6. Meet your hiring managers where they work
  7. Master your to-do list
  8. Make great hiring decisions and reduce bias
  9. Drive improvements with data, not your gut