Workable is top online recruitment software and applicant tracking system. It is hiring management software that smoothens recruiting process.


Introduction to Workable recruiting software

Workable is recruiting software and applicant tracking system created to help you recruit better as team. Our tool  is integrated recruiting software. Enjoy all the hiring tools you need in a single platform.

Workable powers your passive talent sourcing with instant People Search, a hiring technology that puts millions of rich resumes at the fingertips of your team, saving them hours of research, improving their hit rate and letting them bring people information in the context where your next great hire will be found.

Key features of our recruiting software

Sourcing solutions

  1. Careers pages
  2. Job advertising
  3. People Search
  4. Social recruiting
  5. Employee referrals
  6. Resume parsing

Modern ATS System

  1. A hiring dashboard
  2. Applicant tracking system
  3. Candidate profiles
  4. Interview management
  5. Evaluations & Offers
  6. Reports & analytics
  7. Background checks & EEO
  8. Mobile recruiting

Talent CRM

  1. Talent pool
  2. Snooze candidates
  3. Candidate database