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Land Matrix is a consolidated product developed from components developed and used by Data World since 2006, and is now a lean integrated Land Information System. It supports all prcoesses around the management of Land within a jurisdiction.



  • Map Viewer provides an access controlled, and contextual view of various layers in the GeoDB. Provides standard functionality like Pan, Zoom, Identify and Search
  • Deeds Feeder service runs in the background to process Deeds Transaction Files. It performs property matching and update of the Sales History and the Registered and Archive Layers
  • SG Feeder service processes SG Diagram Dump recieved from SG Office. It reconciles the existing diagrams, creating PDF and tasks for maintenance the Approved Layer
  • ESevices allows registered public users to make online requests like file Submit a new building plan for approval, or seek a zoning change. They can also track the status of their respective applications using unique Reference number
  • Parcel Capture provides a web enabled environment to capture tasks created by the SG Feed, when new diagrams are processed
  • Address Engine provides functionality to manage geo-spatial data for steets and address points. Addresses are structured as per the standards, and support the street name change process

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