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Value Assist is a MPRA compliant, workflow based property management solution. It provides extensive CAMA functionality based on IAAO norms and best practices. Value Assist has since evolved into a state of the art integrated solution for property valuation and management that is fully compliant with the Municipal Property Rates Act of 2004.



  • Property Engine consisting of a Search function and an Attribute edit function, which allows for the capture and edit of property attributes such as Address and Property Description
  • Valuation Engine which allows for the capture of property characteristics as well as the generation of the market value of a property based on the characteristics that are captured
  • GIS Viewer which displays the aerial imagery for each property within a municipality and which includes standard functionality such as Pan and Zoom
  • Sales Ratio Analysis this module creates the sales history, with the sales ratio and a snapshot of the property at the time fo the sale. The system prompts users to do Benchmark sales in sale deficit areas
  • Valuation Review this module allows users to create filetrs to identify outliers and then review them. The system provides functionality to create and manage work packages
  • Rates Modelling this module allows a user to create models and scenarios. The comparison tools create maps, charts and tables to compare and analyse the impact
  • Roll Generator provides tools to generates a Draft General Valuation roll / Supplementary Valuation Roll. Publish tool updates the Eservices, Public Site and the Billing System, while compiling the PDF Print File and the Section 49 Notices

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