Keka HR is #1 employee centric HR software in India. Known for simplifying complex workflows, Keka HR is new generation platform focused on user experience.


Introduction to Keka HR

Keka HR is software built on Employee Experience Platform. This Software is employee centric. Keka HR Software  state of the art platform designed for user experience and simplifying complex workflows. We built this software out of frustration of using traditional platform that sucks. We realized, SME businesses in India deserved something best, something new.

Modules of Keka HR

Payroll Software

  1. Easy to Run Payroll :Keka Payroll software is so smooth to use that you’ll love payroll processing and spare much of time.
  2. All-in-one :  Everything required to process payroll is in-built in the system so no need to look further as you grro from 20 member to 20k employees.
  3. Fully Configurable : You can customize the software to fulfill your payroll needs and the Payroll software works  pretty well to your requirements.
  4. Easy to Migrate : We built migration tools to help you migrate process easier. Many of our clients migrated within 7 days.
  5. 100% Compliant : Statutory Compliance procedures simplified for you, so you no longer need to worry.
  6. Awesome Support : All our customer support teams are dedicated and love to ensure customer delight and success.

HR Management Software

  1. Centralized Information : Each of your employee data saved in centralized  location and can be accessed from anywhere anytime.
  2. Employee Portal : Enables employees to login using their official email id & easily manage their information.
  3. Beautiful Profiles : View all the employee information in beautiful employee profiles.
  4. Custom Fields : There is no limit. Create as many custom fields as you require and set permissions and approvals at each field level.
  5. Safe & Secure : All crucial employee data is secured using bank grade encryption and privacy protection measures
  6. On Mobile : Keka is designed to be mobile friendly. All the functionality of HR Software is available on the move.

Nurture Talent

  1. Continuous Feedback : Praise and give feedback to employees at the time where it impact the most.
  2. 360 Degree Reviews : Gather 360 degree feedback from seniors, peers or clients regularly.
  3. Goal Management : Make an objective driven culture with individual and group objectives lined up with association objectives.

Applicant Tracking System

  1. Careers Site : Praise and give input to workers at the time, right where it impacts most
  2. Candidate profiles : Competitor driven stage with all employing movement and basic leadership on the candidate in one place
  3. Interview Process : Modify talk with stages, plan interviews with updates for your enlisting group and the applicant
  4. Evaluation & scorecards : Characterize different assessment and scorecard layouts at different phases of the meeting procedure.
  5. Activity Tracking : Track all interaction on email, include custom notes, set rests for follow ups in one place.
  6. Offer Management : Release offers to candidates, track the status and commitment of the candidates.