JSM Payroll Software


JSM Payroll Software can be used by Global companies across the world with little customization to meet country specific requirements.JSM Central Govt Payroll Software can be used by Indian Central Govt Organizations and meets VI & VII Pay Commission requirements. Automating Payroll in India with JSM Payroll Software will reduce the work load on HR and Accounts staff, facilitate confidentiality, produce error-free information and enhance speed in accessing Payroll related information. Because of its integration with JSM HR Software it offers a single view of all data to both HR and Finance departments.


Special Features

  1. Maker Checker Concept / Sox Compliance
  2. Completely Masters Driven Payroll Software
  3. Powerful and Flexible Business Logic to suit any kind of organization
  4. Powerful and Flexible Organizational Structure Module
  5. Multi Company Multi Location Payroll Software
  6. All Payroll inputs Import from Excel
  7. Powerful reporting capabilities
  8. Linking with Attendance Machine
  9. Facility to print Letters
  10. Facility to Email Salary Slips
  11. Floppy Generation
  12. Powerful PF and ESIC Reporting Module
  13. Report Codes
  14. Powerful Reporting Tool
  15. Facility to export all Reports
  16. Powerful Security Module
  17. Back up and Restore Module
  18. Report Designer
  19. Alerts
  20. Centralized Documents Management
  21. Facility to Scan photographs and Signatures
  22. Personalized Salary Slip Printing
  23. Policies Versioning