JSM Compliances Management Software


There are various compliances that an organization has to follow based on the countries they operate in.


Special Features
  • JSM provides software solutions to help HR and Finance professionals manage compliances.
  • JSM helps HR and Finance professionals manage Income Tax, Provident Fund, Pension, ESIC, Labour Welfare Fund, Professional Tax, Bonus and other Compliances.
  • JSM Software solutions help you define all statutory rules and regulations as they exist in a country. JSM HRIS Software is an master driven software and all applicable Compliance rules and regulations can be defined and changed as and when rules change in the country.
  • JSM HRIS Software helps HR and Finance professionals meet all compliance reporting requirements. All statutory reports can be generated from JSM Software.
  • JSM’s in depth knowledge of the statutory area enables JSM to provide accurate compliance figures calculation, deduction and reporting. JSM also takes care of correct calculations in the event of arrears, which is one of major source of incorrect figures calculation in compliances.

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