JSM Reimbursements Management Software


Many organizations have reimbursements as part of their compensation and benefits package. Organizations  generally divide their compensation and benefits package as Basic Salary, allowances and reimbursements.


Special Features

  1. JSM Payroll Software solutions help organizations in designing and implementing their reimbursement structure and policies and in disbursement.
  2. JSM Payroll Software allows organizations to create n number of reimbursement heads as per their requirements and set policies on the same. Reimbursements have statutory implications too. JSM Payroll software allows you to create all kinds of policies and set statutory obligations too. You can set bills and carry over policies along with policies on how employees can claim online. You can set CTC policies as well policies on how handle it WRT reporting in salary / reimbursement slips and salary / reimbursement registers.
  3. JSM ESS Software allows all employees to view reimbursement limits and balance at any time. Employees can submit bills online and get approvals online and check approvals status as well as reimbursement details. Employees take prints of reimbursement slips too.
  4. JSM Payroll software has numerous reports to meet the Reimbursement reporting requirement of HR, Finance team and Management. JSM BI Software provides deep reimbursement intelligence required by Top Management to make sense of their reimbursement data.