Exalt Smart Dentist


Exalt Smart Dentist is a complete Dental Practice Management Software which includes Dental Clinic or Hospital Management, setting of complete Digital Dental Office, Dental X-rays along with Dental Patient Motivation Software.


Features of the software

  • Highly Simplified User Interface
  • Extremely Easy To Use Dental Clinic Management Software
  • Can Be Configured For Single Dentist OR Clinic Operating With Multiple Dentists
  • Complete Clinic Customization (Use your own logo, staff, calendar, prescription sets Etc.)
  • Can Install It On Website As Well As Your Personal Computer. Decide Yourself.
  • Use It With Different Kind Of Devices : Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhones!
  • All Patient Details On Your Fingertips. Refer Patient History Anytime!
  • Schedule Appointments For Multiple Dentists. Easy To Navigate Calendar Views (Day, Week, Month and List)
  • Configure Holidays and Commission For Visiting Dentists
  • Keep Record of Performed Treatments On Virtual Teeth View
  • Keep Track of Medical History of Patient.
  • Prescribe Patient With Easy To Use Prescription Sets In Seconds.
  • Create Your Own Prescription Sets As Per Requirement.
  • Configure Treatment Types As Per Requirement.
  • Perform Billing/Invoicing For Patients.
  • Keep Track Of Other Dental Clinic Related Expenses.
  • Search Support For Patients, Appointments, Treatments Etc.
  • Keep Notes Related To Patients, Appointments, Treatments Etc.
  • Generate Clinic Related Reports
  • Generate Dentist Related Reports
  • Generate Patient Related Reports
  • Clinic and Staff Level Authentication Security
  • Easy To Learn, Easy To Adopt, Simple To Use Dental Clinic Management Software

Office Location : Trivandrum

Source : http://smart-dentist.com





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