Exalt Smart Dentist


Exalt Smart Dentist is a complete Dental Practice Management Software which includes Dental Clinic or Hospital Management, setting of complete Digital Dental Office, Dental X-rays along with Dental Patient Motivation Software.


Features of the software

  1. Highly Simplified User Interface
  2. Extremely Easy To Use Dental Clinic Management Software
  3. Can Be Configured For Single Dentist OR Clinic Operating With Multiple Dentists
  4. Complete Clinic Customization (Use your own logo, staff, calendar, prescription sets Etc.)
  5. Can Install It On Website As Well As Your Personal Computer. Decide Yourself.
  6. Use It With Different Kind Of Devices : Personal Computer, Laptop, Tablet and SmartPhones!
  7. All Patient Details On Your Fingertips. Refer Patient History Anytime!
  8. Schedule Appointments For Multiple Dentists. Easy To Navigate Calendar Views (Day, Week, Month and List)
  9. Configure Holidays and Commission For Visiting Dentists
  10. Keep Record of Performed Treatments On Virtual Teeth View
  11. Keep Track of Medical History of Patient.
  12. Prescribe Patient With Easy To Use Prescription Sets In Seconds.
  13. Create Your Own Prescription Sets As Per Requirement.
  14. Configure Treatment Types As Per Requirement.
  15. Perform Billing/Invoicing For Patients.
  16. Keep Track Of Other Dental Clinic Related Expenses.
  17. Search Support For Patients, Appointments, Treatments Etc.
  18. Keep Notes Related To Patients, Appointments, Treatments Etc.
  19. Generate Clinic Related Reports
  20. Generate Dentist Related Reports
  21. Generate Patient Related Reports
  22. Clinic and Staff Level Authentication Security
  23. Easy To Learn, Easy To Adopt, Simple To Use Dental Clinic Management Software