Dental Management system


Web based Dental College and Hospital Information Management System is an ERP suite of software modules to computerize any large scale hospital and connected clinics and its branches. It is fully online web based software. The information is available anytime, anywhere. There are plenty of exhaustive modules available in The Gemini Web Dental ERP , which makes it User friendly, Highly versatile, Quick installable, Completely Database driven, Centralized Database, Hospital Information Management System ERP software available in the market today.


Features of the Software

  1. Real-time branch Hospital information s
  2. Electronic case transfer between Departments
  3. Consolidate Graphical reports
  4. Customised package
  5. Organised Stock and Finance Management
  6. Secure system with user access control
  7. Local Server based
  8. Very User friendly
  9. Complete package with optional modules
  10. SMS, Patient Card, Prescription, Bills
  11. Electronic dental records
  12. Automatic backup
  13. Total Paper Free dental clinic
  14. Detailed billing System for better accounting
  15. Easy search for retrieving information stored relating to patient, staff, diagnosis, treatment, billing income expense etc
  16. Separate module for Each Department
  17. 3 level security (Super-admin, admin and user)
  18. Helps build Dental Case Records with utmost ease
  19. Facilitates online Billing for all services
  20. Maintains individual patient account ledgers for each treatment session
  21. Tracks patient referrals and cross referrals

Benefits of the Software

  1. Better patient management
  2. Avoid Space constrain for record keeping
  3. Increase Patient flow and retention
  4. Stop revenue leakages and streamline activities
  5. Minimize manpower and manual errors
  6. Avoid the chance of malpractice
  7. Analyze the performance of Hospital time to time
  8. Effective utilization of resources
  9. Reports for better planning & auditing
  10. Easy insurance processing
  11. Better and easy to user interface
  12. Advanced Imaging functionality
  13. Integrated diagnostic module
  14. Treatment advice and treatment systems