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Eaglesoft is specialized software program for dentists. It helps you streamline all sort of tasks in dental clinics.

Open Dental

Open Dental

Open Dental is open source dental practice management software. It gives powerful, flexible dental practice management software ...



Dentrix practice management software gives solutions for both the business and clinical sides of your dental practice. Our plan ...



DentalTap is Cloud based Dental Software for the best dental teams. This is the most trusted dental practice management software ...



Pappyjoe is the most comprehensive and integrated Clinic Management Software for all dental practice clinic. This software is ...

Track 32

Track 32

Track 32 is online dental clinic management software built for professional dentists. This application is useful for appointment ...



Bestosys is the most affordable dental management software in India for dentists. We offer dental software for managing multiple ...



Dentsoftware used by dentists for dental clinic practice management in India and many other regions for Charting, scheduler, ...

Saral Dental Software

Saral Dental Software

Saral Dental Software is being developed by SARAL Computers Pvt. Ltd. especially for DENTIST, to maintain their complete ...



Dentee is an Online comprehensive, fully integrated and innovative dental practice management software which can optimize the ...


What is Dental Practice Management Software

Dental practice management software is application software widely used in dentistry. It helps doctors and staff to meet challenges in a day to day operation in dentistry. Most of the dental practice software will have features like patient scheduling, tooth and gum graphics and X-ray management. Software is available in both cloud based and on-premise version. You can choose either version as per your business requirement and budget.

Top 10 Dental Software

1.  EagleSoft

Patterson Dental is happy to announce Eaglesoft 20, which helps you to streamline efficiency more than ever before. This Dental practice management software’s revolutionary new features simplify your daily processes. As always, your feedback helped shape the latest enhancements, allowing you to focus on patient care.

Key features of Eaglesoft

  1. Accounting
  2. Scheduling
  3. Treatment Planning
  4. Practice Growth
  5. Patient Communication
  6. Patient Records

2. Open Dental

Open Dental is open source dental practice management software licensed under the GNU General Public License. This Dental billing software is created in the C# programming language compatible with Microsoft .NET Framework and was first released in 2003.

Key features of open Dental

  1. Discount Plans
  2. Electronic Prescriptions
  3. Graphical Tooth Chart
  4. Built-in, Graphic, and Custom Reports
  5. Online Patient Web Forms
  6. Email and Integrated Texting
  7. Mobile Web App

3. Dentrix

Dentrix is comprehensive dental management software. This Dental office software has the tools to enhance your operations, flexibility to expand with your vision and seamless integration with leading dental solutions. Our Dental patient management software Smart Image expands your ability to give quality care by connecting your
clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow.

Key features of  Dentrix

  1. Business Management
  2. Clinical Efficiency
  3. Patient Communication
  4. Billing and Collections
  5. Integrated Products
  6. Training and Education

4. DentalTap

DentalTap is an integrated dental practice management software. This cloud based Dental office software helps you grow your dental practice. Our latest Dental clinic software helps you get your stuffs done fast. This Dental patient management software is now divided into two sections office and clinical tasks to manage your clinic more appropriately.

Key features of DentalTap

  1. Calendar plus
  2. Work on one screen
  3. Customizable medical history
  4. Flexible patient record
  5. Cloud mobility
  6. Open API
  7. Convenient search
  8. Сollaboration

5. Pappyjoe

Pappyjoe dental management Software has been voted as the Best, Easy and Cost Effective Dental practice Software in the World by ‘Dentistry International’. This Dental office software Use most Modern and responsive designs.

Key features of Pappyjoe

  1. Simplified Practice
  2. Smart Calendar
  3. Online or Offline
  5. Easy Electronic Medical Records
  6. SMS Reminders
  7. Award-Winning Software
  8. Mobile Integration
  9. Advanced Security

6. Track 32

Track 32 is a web based dental practice management software used by professional dentists worldwide. This Dental office software simplify the repetitive and clerical tasks associated with their profession. This Dental patient management software is useful for appointment generation, record maintenance, tracking patient’s history, adding lab reports, generating bills online, prescriptions, medical history and fitness certificates.

7. Bestosys

Bestosys is the most feature-rich practice management solution for dentists. It enables you focus on patients, branding and your practice growth.

Why choose Bestosys

  1. In-built Social Media Integration to spread the word-of-mouth
  2. SMS  promotes your brand
  3. Growth Dashboard gives you handy tools to grow revenues rapidly
  4. Flexible features and pricing to suit practices at every stage

Features of  Bestosys

  1. Smart calendar
  2. Branding
  3. Lab work management
  4. Data security
  5. Restorative & perio charting
  6. Multiple rate cards

8. Dentsoftware

Dentsoftware is comprehensive dental practice management software that automates speed up the dental charting, appointment management, patient management, insurance, orthodontics, and billing.  It assists the practice to retain patient, provide quality treatment and increase the revenue.

Key features of  Dentsoftware

  1. Prioritising doctor and operatories
  2. Highly secured dental practice management software with specific access settings
  3. Duplicate alert for doctor and operatory
  4. All Doctor, Doctor wise and Operatory wise appointment management
  5. Tracking and managing of dental appointments
  6. Quick reference to dental appointment history
  7. Available time checker
  8. Blocking for Doctors unavailability, Non working hours and Holidays
  9. Waiting list for dental appointments
  10. Easy drag and drop for rescheduling and duration adjustment
  11. Re-Call management
  12. SMS and Email reminders
  13. Day, Week and Month views
  14. Completely work flow driven
  15. Mapping with planned dental treatments
  16. Various type of colour coding

9. Saral Dental

Saral Dental management Software is top dental practice software helps dentist to maintain their Patients Registration Details, Medical History, Dental History, Chief Complaints, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Treatment Done, Estimates, Receipts, Outstanding, SMS for Appointments etc.

Features of  Saral Dental

  1. Name, Age, Gender, Mobile No is Mandatory.
  2. Address, Phone No, Email.
  3. Date of Birth, Wedding Anniversary.
  4. Company Panel Information.
  5. Referral Information.
  6. Searching of Patients Record from any known Data.
  7. Medical History.
  8. Drug Sensitivity.
  9. Cheif Complaints.
  10. Dental History.
  11. Extra Oral Exam , Intra Oral Exam.

10. Dentee

Dentee dental management software helps you manage your dental practices efficiently. This Dental practice management software is suitable for dental offices because it gives a wide range of advantages. This Dental office software is created for multiple or single users in network environments. Our Dental patient management software is comprehensive, innovative and fully integrated.