Saral Dental Software


Saral Dental Software is being developed by SARAL Computers Pvt. Ltd. especially for DENTIST, to maintain their complete details.


Introduction to Saral Dental Software

Saral Dental Software is top dental practice software helps dentist to maintain their Patients Registration Details, Medical History, Dental History, Chief Complaints, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, Treatment Done, Estimates, Receipts, Outstanding, SMS for Appointments etc.

Features of the Software

Patient’s Registration Information

  1. Name, Age, Gender, Mobile No is Mandatory.
  2. Address, Phone No, Email.
  3. Date of Birth, Wedding Anniversary.
  4. Company Panel Information.
  5. Referral Information.
  6. Searching of Patients Record from any known Data.

 Patient’s History Information

  1. Medical History.
  2. Drug Sensitivity.
  3. Cheif Complaints.
  4. Dental History.
  5. Extra Oral Exam , Intra Oral Exam.