Dental Practise Management


Dental Practise has many activities and all smooth functioning of all procedures requires modules that provide solutions for business management, clinical efficiency, patient engagement, billing, collections, integrated products and staff training.


Process Management:

Following are the important features of IT Infrastructure Management module of Dental Practise Management:

  • The inclusive Identity & SSO Management framework plasters the entire lifecycle from creating, managing and de-commissioning stakeholder identities.
  • The Clifix application helps users to implement effective access control mechanisms and maintain user information integrity as well as confidentiality;
  • It reduces the costs of user management and helpdesk calls. This increases productivity.
  • Clifix also manages User Company’s move into the cloud. It transits the benefit from the migration, gives users a comprehensive breakdown of the costs and then offer them the technical know-how and support to make sure the transition is as seamless as possible.

Data Management:

Following are the important features of Date Management module of Dental Practise Management:

  • Clifix organizes and efficiently manages the critical patient and clinical data in the user clinic.
  • Real time data at various geographical locations is managed and revenue cash collection is monitored.
  • Clifix helps users to generate reports for AR and HR department and analyze the trends.
  • Clifix‘s exclusive Ad hoc query abilities with clean and imposing data will manage the critical patient data and make it available in easy access state for any user dentist or dental clinic.

Managing Patient Engagement:

Following are the important features Dental Practise Management application regarding patient engagement:

  • Clifix manages Patient engagement with the dentist/dental clinic updating patient schemes, patient records, scheduling of appointments, diagnosis and treatment.
  • Clifix also has unparalleled service with dedicated accounting claims and insurance, imaging integrated with X ray viewer, E charting, reporting and iPad viewing.
  • Clifix can alert the user to medical concerns when capturing an existing appointment or when making a new appointment
  • Patient preferences are considered and stored
  • The application maintains appointment types database that tracks time used, intervals between appointments, expected revenue, preferences, etc.
  • Database also contains patient contact information
  • Alerts for financial and scheduling history concerns.
  • Clifix has a prescription log, prescription writer and sedation log.
  • Patient health history can be saved and kept.

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