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Genesis G4

Genesis G4

Genesis G4 is a complete feature-rich Library management software & known to be one of the most robust and yet user-friendly ...



ModernLib is window based library management software for schools, colleges and other institutions to manage their library ...

Koha Library Software

Koha Library Software

Koha is the global open source library automation software, used by over 3,000 academic, public, and special libraries around the ...



Librarian is integrated library management software and automation solution. It is built using cutting-edge technologies.



Bibliosoft is an integrated powerful, flexible and simple to use Library Management Software, helps you automate, manage ...




Easylib Library Management System is interactive and fully customizable. ...



LIBSYS7 library Management System offers unparallel satisfaction for both patrons and library staff. It offers end to end ...



Cybrarian is SaaS based Integrated Library Automation Solution helps Librarians to manage their library online. Its a great tool ...



AutoLib is advanced and integrated Library automation management software developed by a team of Library & Information ...

LAS 365

LAS 365

LAS 365 is library automation system. This helps to manage information efficiently. It can be used in multiple devices without ...


What is Library Management Software

Library Management System or Library software is an integrated library management system used to manage Books, CD, orders, bills, Members and other operational activities of a library.

Top 10 Software

1. Librarian

Librarian is the comprehensive library management and automation solution that helps information providers, information managers, resource in charge, resource managers & librarians to manage & disseminate information available in various kind of resources.

Key features of Librarian

  1. MARC21 Import / Export
  2. Supports Multilingual
  3. Auto Scheduled Tasks
  4. User configurable webOPAC
  5. Digital References for Books & Other Items including.
  6. Web Interface
  7. Supports Multi-Users Environment and Multi-Location Web Interface
  8. Multimedia Resource Management (Embedded)
  9. Extensive webOPAC for online search of information
  10. RFID Ready
  11. Barcode Printer Friendly
  12. Faster & Optimized webOPAC
  13. Visual Statistical Representation using Graphs / Charts

2. Koha Library Software

Koha Library software is open source library management system  used globally by more than 3000 Libraries. Our Open source library management software is used in India by British Council Libraries, IIM Ahmadabad, and Mysore University. This Integrated library management system encapsulates all modules required for a comprehensive library software.

Key features of  Koha Library Software

  1. Acquisition
  2. Serials
  3. Members,
  4. Circulation,
  5. Cataloging,
  6. Reports, and tools.

3. Cybrarian

Cybrarian is cloud based comprehensive library management solution helping Librarians to oversee their library online. All resources based on security are well indexed in reputed search engine like google, yahoo, live and more. This enables readers to locate your library based on the resource from across the globe. A great marketing tool for the Libraries.

Key features of Cybrarian

  1. Lowers the total cost of ownership
  2. Provides accurate and up-to-date knowledge-base
  3. Delivers rapid development and deployment
  4. Delivers responsive development
  5. Delivers improved performance
  6. Enables greater customization
  7. Delivers the latest code and technology

4. Bibliosoft

Bibliosoft widely accepted Library Management software that helps you to automate your library. This Library management system software designed by the librarians and for the librarians. Our School library management system provides several flexible and convenient features, enabling librarians and library users to maximize time and efficiency.

Key Features of Bibliosoft

  1. Strong label printing
  2. Books Circulation Tracking
  3. Photo capture facility
  4. Rapid and Powerful Searches
  5. Network Compatible

5. Libsys7

Libsys is a web based library management system. This Library management system software gives end to end manageability of the library operations through its comprehensive modules. This Library automation software is platform independence.

Key features of  Libsys7

  1. GWT based GUI with multitasking feature
  2. Unicode Support
  3. Federated Searching with customizable look & feel
  4. User notification through E-mail and SMS
  5. RSS feeds and integration with Google Books, BookFinder, etc.
  6. Interactive features like online reviews, ratings, renewals, reservations etc. to deliver patron satisfaction

6. Easylib

Easylib integrated library management system built for complete Automation System for your library. Our Library automation software performs various functions related to your library while helping you to  improve your operations, user satisfaction and achieve your dreams of having a state of the art library.

Key features of Easylib

  1. Cataloguing
  2. Accessioning
  3.  By Keywords, Title, Author
  4.  Membership System
  5.  Circulation System
  6.  Periodicals
  7. Multi Language
  8. Barcode Generation
  9.  Requisition
  10.  Budgeting & Acquisition
  11.  Usage and Reading Analysis

7. Autolib

Autolib is comprehensive library management software. This Library automation software is a fully integrated, versatile, user-friendly, cost-effective and multi-user Library automation software.

Our Integrated library management system is  WEB enabled for Intranet and Internet environments, incorporating latest IT tools and techniques.

Key Features of Autolib

  1. Easy to use /data entry made simple
  2. Handles lakhs of records more efficiently
  3. Customisable data entry screen
  4. Multimedia interface
  5. Simple and fast  counter transactions
  6. Efficient circulation management system
  7. Book ordering and serial control  made simple
  8. Transaction alerts through SMS
  9. Online help/user manual
  10. User ID  and  password for  various menus
  11. Database security/backup and recovery

8. LAS 365

The Workflow management of LAS 365  has been simplified and made easier through the workflow management.  The voluminous amount of information can be managed efficiently through the library automation. The available resource can be effectively, efficiently used

Key features of  LAS 365

  1. Manage Library resources
  2. Staff Management
  3. Administrative management
  4. Fine & Issue
  5. OPAC

9. Modernlib

Modernlib is barcode integrated Library Automation software for schools, colleges and other institutions. Our Library management system software is used by 0ver 500 satisfied clients. This Library management system helps to complete expectations of all the authorized inspecting bodies like UGC.

Key features of Modernlib

  1. Automation of all activities of Library, which includes, acquisition, issue, return, renewal, clearance, fine, payment, loss, binding, recovery and Missing Pages.
  2. Easy to learn. Highly technical system made easy and simple.
  3. A student or staff can search the entire database to find a book based on different criteria, namely, author, title, subject, author & title etc.,
  4. 135 different output reports. Reports generated exactly as and how you view them on the screen.
  5. User Interface is highly intuitive

10. Genesis G4

Genesis G4 Library Automation software can manage all sorts of Circulation, Cataloging, Textbook, Inventory, Reporting , and Borrower Management. This Library management system software creates and prints Barcodes for Items, Borrowers and Spine Labels across multiple collections.

Key Features of Genesis G4 

  1. Stand-Alone and Cloud Versions
  2. Self Circulation Kiosk
  3. Pick and Pull
  4. G4 Record Enrichment
  5. Easy ISBN
  6. Automatic Borrower Updates
  7. Book Repository
  8. Easy OPAC
  9. Classroom & Textbook Management