AutoLib is advanced and integrated Library automation management software developed by a team of Library & Information Science specialist.


Introduction to Autolib

Autolib is comprehensive library management software. This Library automation software is a fully integrated, versatile, user-friendly, cost-effective and multi-user Library automation software. Our Integrated library management system is  WEB enabled for Intranet and Internet environments, incorporating latest IT tools and techniques.

Key Features of our library management software

  1. Easy to use /data entry made simple
  2. Handles lakhs of records more efficiently
  3. Customisable data entry screen
  4. Multimedia interface
  5. Simple and fast  counter transactions
  6. Efficient circulation management system
  7. Book ordering and serial control  made simple
  8. Transaction alerts through SMS
  9. Online help/user manual
  10. User ID  and  password for  various menus
  11. Database security/backup and recovery




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