ModernLib is window based library management software for schools, colleges and other institutions to manage their library efficiently.


Introduction to ModernLib

Modernlib is barcode integrated Library Automation software for schools, colleges and other institutions. Our Library management system software is used by 0ver 500 satisfied clients. This Library management system helps to complete expectations of all the authorized inspecting bodies like UGC.

Key features of our Library Software

  1. Automation of all activities of Library, which includes, acquisition, issue, return, renewal, clearance, fine, payment, loss, binding, recovery and Missing Pages.
  2. Easy to learn. Highly technical system made easy and simple.
  3. A student or staff can search the entire database to find a book based on different criteria, namely, author, title, subject, author & title etc.,
  4. 135 different output reports. Reports generated exactly as and how you view them on the screen.
  5. User Interface is highly intuitive

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