VUEFRAME® | Risk Management


VUEFRAME® is a control monitoring tool that connects deep into your business processes and systems and reflects their health and state on a dashboard. The parameters are user-set to indicate any change which can trigger an action in real time. Vueframe® is a highly effective and flexible aid for business leaders, managers and risk officers. AUDITime has extensively deployed VUEFRAME® for risk management in banks, financial institutions and other businesses to deliver outstanding results that impact decisions regarding profitability, operations and compliance.


Plug the VUEFRAME® to any system and set your own parameters (guage) to monitor and take control of a situation. VUEFRAME® works seamlessly across systems in your operational environment disregarding databases or applications.

VUEFRAME® also works with ACTIAN VECTORWISE database, the preferred and proven database for its blazing speed and low cost of ownership. VUEFRAME®’s simplicity and robustness offers great value to Risk Audit and Operations managers for Control Monitoring or MIS solutions, compared to costly, elaborate rich technologies.

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