Tally Alert | Communicate with client on time.


Our software’s are designed to improve efficiencies, improve communication, conduct e-business and make more informed decisions. Since 2007 the company has had an active presence in the software development, software supervision and production market, in Gujarat, India.



Highlights of product

  • User friendly navigation
  • Send auto outstanding email and sms alert to party after bill due date
  • Send auto ‘C’ form email and sms alert to party
  • Send auto sales invoice in email to party
  • Set amount limit for outstanding alert
  • Send ledger report in email to party
  • Update email and mobile number directly in Tally
  • Send promotional Email to party for new product or new scheme
  • Save your account person time and error in duplication of work
  • Export to excel ledger details like name,address and contact details
  • Party address lable printing facility

Source : http://synapsesoftech.com





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