SocietyHive is top apartment-society accounting and management software India. It gives you best networking & social community portal with mobile apps.


Introduction to Societyhive society management software

Societyhive society software is the next generation neighbourhood networking portal. It helps you connect, share and network with the people you live with. This is the private website for your housing society, group, club and neighborhood. This is good for housing society, school, sports, club, music, religious, political, travel, hobby, or any other.

Key features of our apartment management software

  1. Member income
  2. Member income invoice
  3. Non regular income
  4. Expenses
  5. Reports
  6. Members
  7. Manage complaints
  8. Notice board
  9. Email broadcast
  10. Manage permissions
  11. Groups
  12. Complaint box
  13. Society rules
  14. Member directory
  15. Online payments
  16. Support