Conduct Exam


Conduct Exam is top online exam software that aim to enable students to take test efficiently and accurately without wastage of time or other resources. 


Introduction to Conduct Exam Online Exam Software

Conduct Exam is easy to use online exam software built by R K Infotech which gives  a powerful platform for online exam. Our Online exam test software offers innovative and impeccable solutions for exam to educational institutions,  colleges, universities and leading companies. This Online test taking software is highly scalable and designed by highly skilled and experienced team.

Key features of our online exam software

  1. Easy to add/import questions from word/excel format as per different topics & subjects
  2. Support different types of questions including images, formulas and videos
  3. Create tests quickly by choosing option of random questions and share it with users or assign the date & time to the test to limit it’s availability
  4. Send emails, notifications and share news, documents and videos on Web, Mobile and Tablet which is accessible 24/7
  5. Analyze the performance of students from different available reports
  6. Publish the results automatically or by defining the date and time
  7. Third party integration is possible i.e. SMS, email, online payment gateway, etc.
  8. Sell your online test series and get monetary benefits
  9. Create sub admins under your supervision and assign different roles and responsibilities
  10. Import and Export of data in excel, word and pdf formats