Rufutech Access Control


RUFUtech’s Access Control Software enables full access management for personnel and visitors into a facility, as well as areas within the facility. The application allows for tiered access, easy access privileges management through cloud based application and issuance new access cards at multiple points.


Features & Benefit

  1. Full real-time visibility of all employees and visitors within the facility.
  2. Locks are enabled and disabled automatically based on access privileges.
  3. Dynamic assignment of privileges.
  4. Automatic entry and exit tracking.
  5. Cloud based Dashboards and reports based on groups, locations, times, and other parameters.
  6. Automatic alerts on unauthorized access attempt or access.
  7. Reduction in human labor and errors
  8. Increased efficiency and security.
  9. Could be used for location of persons in case of emergency.
  10. Possible use for time and attendance tracking.